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DD and vag discharge?

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ripsishere Wed 05-Dec-12 04:05:21

My 11.6, very underdeveloped DD has the most alarming amount of fanny batter. She really is not pubescent at all, three at most armpit hair, pointy breast buds and no fanny hair.
For the last week or so, she has had the most ridiculous amount of discharge, it is clear and odorless and she denies having stuck anything up there.
what can it be? onset of periods (which she'd love) or something else? I have bough her liners for her knickers but she won't use them because they are too big. They are the smallest size available in Malaysia.
ideas please?

ellargh Wed 05-Dec-12 04:15:58

Sorry, still getting over the use of the words "fanny batter".


Anyway, vaginal discharge is normal. It usually increases more during the onset of puberty, ovulation etc but its very normal if its colourless and odourless. She may just be getting in to puberty (I was in puberty and had started my period before any obvious hair or breasts appeared so it does happen).

Just encourage her to wash as normal, change her underwear daily and reassure her that its normal. As long as her knickers are washed and it doesn't bother her not to wear panty liners then there is no issue.

ripsishere Wed 05-Dec-12 04:30:45

The FB was her description of it.
I can't emphasize how heavy it is. She was sitting in her school skirt, legs wide open and it was obvious on the outside of her knickers.
DH asked me (once she'd gone to get changed) whether she'd wet herself.
Poor little kid. I don't' remember it being anywhere near as bad as that.

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