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3yo has tiny cut above clitoris which giving lots of pain... help?

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bebemoojem Tue 04-Dec-12 12:49:20

Is there anything that can be done for tiny cuts in that area? She keeps holding and touching it and won't go to the toilet until the very last second...leading to lots of accidents again because she says it hurts... and I'm sure it does considering what rips at childbirth feel like when urine goes over them...
This is the second time it's happened in so many months. Cannot figure out why she'd be getting them and what I can do to help her. Makes both of us distressed to say the least.

MolotovCocktail Tue 04-Dec-12 16:34:49

Goodness me: your poor DD! And poor you. This must Bennett distressing for you both.

I can't imagine that anything could be done, other than making her as comfortable as possible whilst it's sore.

I guess I'd use what's recommended post-childbirth: lavender baths, that sort of thing. Maybe just bathing her in plain water if her privates sting. I'm a believer in salt-water baths (helped heal an episiotomy) but am aware that there are huge differences of opinion with regard to this. It won't hurt her; some argue that salt is ineffective. Some argue that it promotes healing.

When she urinates, tip some cool water against her vagina to water-down the acidity of her urine (as one would post-birth).

Anyway, you need to take her to your GP because I think what she's going through is quite unusual. Is it a problem with her vaginal tissue? If not, it could be that she's inquisitively touching the area, which is causing the problem.

Good luck

Cezzy Tue 04-Dec-12 16:37:21

Could you put a good covering of nappy cream (Sudocream or similar)there to act as a barrier to stop stinging as an immediate help? You can also get her to wee in the bat to dilute and stop stinging.

MolotovCocktail Tue 04-Dec-12 16:37:27

Not 'Bennett'! 'it must be' blush

bebemoojem Tue 04-Dec-12 16:42:32

Trying to convince her all these 'new' ways of doing things are going to help... she's not at all trusting me.

cannot figure out what the trouble would be (which would be causing it)... it really looks like a split from dry skin?? She won't let me have much of a look tbh I just got a fleeting glimpse. Is it possible toilet paper could be doing it?

MolotovCocktail Tue 04-Dec-12 17:24:12

Yes - could be friction from toilet paper, particularly if she has rubbed heavy-handedly, rather than dabbing gently.

If it's dry skin, you could add Oilatum bath emollient to her bathwater ... But I'd get her looked at by your GP, just so that you're sure you're using the right products.

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