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Ds2 and awful prolonged cough

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Badvocsanta Mon 03-Dec-12 07:21:53

Ds2 has had a cough for over 3 weeks now.nlast Saturday night he was coughing so much he was being sick sadHe also had a high temp.
Took him to the ooh gp last Sunday and he was given ABs and an inhaler.
Fast forward to weds last week and he was no better so got a phone appt with gp who said to carry in with ABs (amoxyycillin) and also gave him a 3 day course of prednisilone for the wheezing.
After 3 nights of no coughing last night was bad again sad
I am taking him back to gp today. I want him to be given different ABs....he had something similar to this back in July - in fact he ended up in hospial - and he needed another lot of ABs to get rid of it.
He has not eaten properly now in 2 weeks and I am concerned.

Gigondas Mon 03-Dec-12 07:38:07

Go back- my dad is a Gp and gives another type of ab usually as amoxicillin usually only gets about 60% respiratory infections whilst other types will have broader spectrum.
I am Assuming it is bacterial and not viral or symptom of asthma needing some it? But if he has a fever doesn't sound like it is just asthma.
Other kind of drug to control it

Sirzy Mon 03-Dec-12 07:38:48

How old is he?

Tbh before having a 3rd course of antibiotics I would be asking for a chest x ray to confirm if there is an infection.

It is normal for a cough to linger though after they have been ill

Sirzy Mon 03-Dec-12 07:39:50

Sorry second not 3rd course.

Gigondas Mon 03-Dec-12 07:39:51

And is he drinking? And eating bits and bobs? Tbh I wouldn't worry if drinking as will make it up when better . I had similar cough for nearly a month (til ab got it under control) and my appetite recovered when I did.

Badvocsanta Mon 03-Dec-12 07:46:29

He is drinking yes.
Thanks for the responses.
Dh seems to think we are wasting our time but he
Goes away with work tomorrow and of course I have come down with some sort if cold/plague type thing and am now completely deaf in one ear!
I did ask the gp in weds if he could have a different AB ut he said to keep in with the amoxyycillin.
He is not asthmatic afaik but he had brinchiolitis twice as a baby and IMO that has left him with a wheeze whenever he gets a cough...

Badvocsanta Mon 03-Dec-12 07:48:13

Any tips for night time?
We have raised his bed, pillows, he has an inhaler but its not really helping.
He missed all last week at pre school and he really wants to go back sad
He was awake last night from 3 til 5am so is exhausted sad

CaseyShraeger Mon 03-Dec-12 07:58:49

Could it be whooping cough? I would ask the GP specifically about that (you can still get it even after vaccination). Although that won't help you much because there isn't much that can be done for whooping cough other than admitting to hospital on supplementary oxygen if it gets very bad.

Badvocsanta Mon 03-Dec-12 08:01:35

I asked on (i had it as a toddler even thiugh i was vaccinated) weds and he said and I quote...."it's possible"
That was it.
No advice.
I will not be seeing the same gp today!

zipzap Tue 04-Dec-12 22:43:36

Have just posted similar on another thread but if you can get him to have small amounts of honey, it can really soothe the throat if you're coughing.

I tend to use a squirty honey bottle to squirt a bit on my own tongue whereas ds1 (7) prefers to have a bit on a teaspoon (and he hates honey yet will still ask for it when he has a bad cough).

Normal honey won't do anything to help stop the infection side of things but will definitely make the physical coughing and feeling sore side of things better.

Might be worth trying him eating a couple of spoonfuls of manuka honey +15 every day - supposed to be very effective against coughs and colds and has helped me in the past, especially when I remember to have it every morning.

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