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2 week old with blocked nose not feeding.

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chickling Sun 02-Dec-12 13:39:14

I think my 2 week old has caught a cold. He's having trouble breathing through his nose and had a few bogeys yesterday. I've been giving him saline drops before his feeds but he's still trying to breathe through his mouth while feeding and he's not staying on for more than a few minutes and then falls asleep. He's still doing wet nappies and isn't showing signs of dehydration. I'm trying to feed him little and often while he's like this. Has anyone any other advice or suggestions? My main concern is that he's getting enough to eat. Health vis not calling out again until 6/12.

CheungFun Sun 02-Dec-12 13:47:43

Hi Chickling,

When my DS was all bunged up after being born the midwives raised the head end of his cot up and when he had a cold at 6 weeks old I did the same with his Moses basket and stuck a few books under the stand at one end.

Apart from the and the saline drops, you could try running a hot bath and steaming up the bathroom and sitting the baby in the steamy room to help unblock his nose. I also did this with DS and it helped.

Keep offering milk and he might just take little and often.

If you get worried though, I'd ring your HV for over the phone advice or see an out of hours dr?

chickling Sun 02-Dec-12 13:55:33

Thanks. Yeah, I raised the head of his basket last night and it seemed to help. I think I will ring the hv tomorrow just to make sure. DS1 has stinker of a cold and cough at the mo so just worried that DS2 has the same thing.

AnitaBlake Sun 02-Dec-12 14:06:03

If you are breastfeeding you can also try squirting a little milk up his nose, I find ut a bit more effective than the saline. Lots of cuddles and skin to skin if you can, you can't spoil them at this age! My DD is four weeks now and just coming to the end of a cold, its heartbreaking when you can't do much for them

AnitaBlake Sun 02-Dec-12 14:09:55

Also tip the head back slightly before putting drops/milk in, and keep it there for a few seconds to let the fluids run down before you offer the feed.

chickling Sun 02-Dec-12 14:16:27

Thanks Anita. I'll try the breast milk thing- I'd read about that on the Internet. Keeping him warm with blankets and snuggles, especially during night feeds.

AnitaBlake Mon 03-Dec-12 08:36:43

Breastmilk is amazing, try putting it on cuts and grazes too! Also, if you have a bath or shower take baby into the room to inhale the steam.

chickling Tue 04-Dec-12 17:15:07

Well, I took him to out of hours GP on Sun eve who suggested I take him to children's A&E who diagnosed bronchiolitis and we're just home after being admitted for two nights! Gave him suction and monitored his blood O2 levels. He's a lot better now but would have taken a turn for the worse if I hadn't brought him in when I did. Docs said you can't take any chances with a newborn.

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