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2yr old bowel issue ?

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1978andallthat Sun 02-Dec-12 18:18:13

Sounds a bit like my dd. 4-5 hours discomfort then manages to get it out and perks right up. Doc felt her tummy and said all fine especially as pops soft and large not small and hard. Please let me know if your doc advises anything. Mine said it was probably part of a virus also causing her a cough and cold at moment.

Whenisitmysleepytime Sun 02-Dec-12 14:26:26

Bran flakes
Plenty of plain water

The above usually works on my dc - but then they often have the opposite problem! Maybe try chemist for laxative thingy advice - movicol (?)

Good luck!

piglettsmummy Sat 01-Dec-12 21:20:28

The past too days dd has really struggled to 'poo' screaming etc, and the size omgosh! Yesterday one was the size of an apple ( no exaggeration! Again today just a little smaller! I'm not sure if it's constipation as I always thought that was small pieces which were hard to pass generally..., not gigantic pieces which are hard to pass just because of there size!!! She has a good diet! Drinks plenty of juice I mean like atleast 45oz a
Day of juice and has weetabix every morning for breakfast. Obviously I am taking her to docs Monday morning If she Is still the same but any ideas in the meantime?

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