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Urinary issues in DD, especially when under the weather

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rednellie Wed 28-Nov-12 19:50:03

We're getting a bit desperate, so I thought I'd consult the wisdom of mumsnet. DD has had repeated episodes of bladder/urinary issues, especially when she's a bit under the weather. She has a cold now (cough, sore throat etc), and is displaying the usual symptoms:
- wetting her pants/bed when previously reliably dry
- complaining of pain around her fanny area
- redness around her fanny

She's been given antibiotics twice 'just in case' she had a UTI. When I took her last week, the GP took a urine sample and nothing's come back. She was fine, I stopped worrying and then today she peed about 6 times, unexpectedly and at random and then was in tears about the pain in her 'bottom'. She's almost 3, otherwise very well, but this is getting us all down. Any advise?

MrsMushroom Wed 28-Nov-12 23:58:14

My DD had similar...I got used to bombarding her with cranberry juice and TONNES of water at the first sign of it....and the water really helps. Not cold...just room sometimes have to bully/bribe them to make them drink the extra.

We ended up being sent for a scan to make sure her kidneys were ok....they was decided that she was just "prone".

She grew out of it all at about 5 or 6. I advise keeping an eye on her wiping....making sure you use no soap in baths...or baby wipes on her...only water or dry tissue and make sure she's very clean. This is what the doctor told us.

rednellie Thu 29-Nov-12 10:04:45

Thanks for that mushroom. We're really good on the hygiene. I just want to know why this happens whenever she's ill. Hmm

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