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Ways to fend off a virus induced wheeze?

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Disappearing Tue 27-Nov-12 21:07:48

DS aged 2.5 is at the start of a wheezing episode, I have given him lots of ventolin, some Singulair (actually prescribed for his sister blush, but she has it for the same reason), but he's just getting worse.

I have to hand some oral steroids, also prescribed to his sister, I don't think I'll use those off prescription, for obvious reasons.

I absolutely haven't got time for a hospital admission, though obv. I would take him if he deteriorates. Is there anything more I can do?

FWIW my GP is reluctant to prescribe singulair to DS, for reasons of cost, he said DS's symptoms weren't severe enough, though he's had 3 hospital admissions for wheeze, one by blue lights ambulance, because nurse at walk in centre was so concerned about DS. My DD got prescribed singulair by a hospital consultant so we could bypass GP that way. She no longer seems to need it, so I had kept some supplies in reserve for DS.

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