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Fish Oils

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simbo Tue 27-Nov-12 08:07:47

Please talk to me if you give your children omega3/fish oil supplements, the kind that are supposed to help with concentration. My ds isn't too gifted when it comes to concentration, and I reluctantly agreed to let him stop taking his supplements a few weeks ago. Now I am getting comments from school, so they must have been doing something. The trouble is that he hated the taste. He was on the Healthspan brand. What do your kids find ok?

BlissfullyIgnorant Tue 27-Nov-12 23:16:04

DS had been taking Equazen Eye-Q. He likes the vanilla, which tastes like raw fish to me. The Citrus one was better, I thought. You can get these funny yoghurt tubes now, and other variants. Not cheap, but it works for him.

Ilovecake1 Wed 28-Nov-12 19:39:39

I would highly recommend Eye-Q. Both mine take it daily, they started off on a high dose and then you reduce it after 3 months. Both mine take the capsules and are able to swallow with no problem at all.

mumchat Wed 28-Nov-12 19:46:45

Used Eye Q every day after breakfast for years.

Eye Q Smooth are little tubes like sucky yogurt (banana flavour) but from age 3 switched to capsules which they chew up and must taste nice as no complaints from either of my children.

As you have stopped for a while you need to start on high dose then reduce as per instructions. Takes 3 months to build up properly.

simbo Thu 29-Nov-12 08:06:04

Thanks for the replies. I have bought Eye Q, the chewable strawberry ones, but he hates the taste of these, too. He has found that he can swallow them whole, which is better, but is complaining of reflux, so I will buy the ones that are intended to be swallowed next.

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