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Temp 38.4 and not going down but no other symptoms, should I worry?

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Muffinpig Mon 26-Nov-12 22:37:46

Thanks very much, DD's temp went right down to 37.1 this evening, but now DS (3) has a very hoarse throat and really swollen glands. Hmmm, wonder if I should get them both checked out! I just feel like I am always at the doctors with one thing and another, they must think I'm a right hypochondriac. Will see how they are in the morning. Thanks everyone.

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 26-Nov-12 14:55:43

Forgot to say my dd's temp was more like 39/40 and she vomited in the night, so maybe abit different. Don't want to worry you!

tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 26-Nov-12 14:53:29

Hi, I've just had almost exactly the same thing with my dd who's 3. Nhs direct recommended i took her to the GP this am as a precaution but by the time we got there her temp had come down and she said she felt fine. I just went in to see the GP to be on the safe side and because we were there, I nearly left without seeing her. She took one look at her throat and said she had raging tonsillitis. Dd is generally robust but even I was surprised. I was a bit more worried about her than usual, i wouldn't normally take her to the GP for a temp but i wouldn't have guessed she had tonsillitis, she was eating, talking, playing with the ipad. Not sure how my story helps you, but maybe if you're still worried call nhs direct or your GP. Sorry for the typos I' m rubbish on the iPad. Hope she's better soon.

Muffinpig Mon 26-Nov-12 14:43:08

Thanks everyone, checked her in the night and temp hadn't gone down, and was still the same in the morning. Went down to 37.8 after combined calpol and nurofen. She seems fine today but dribbling loads, teething can't cause such a high temp can it? Wondering whether I should get her ears checked today or just wait and see what she's like tomorrow.

Thing is, she seems ok in herself, just a bit clingy.

brainonastick Mon 26-Nov-12 14:16:50

Treat the child, not the temperature. She's probably fighting something off, so maybe will start to feel worse later, but sometimes they are just hot and fine. If she's still running a 38+ temp tomorrow, which doesn't come down with Calpol or calprofen (try both if necessary), then might be worth getting her checked by the doctor. They always say to check a temperature that doesn't respond to drugs.

If she seems fine today, then just keep an eye on her. Dd2 ran around like a fool for 2 days with a 40 degree temperature once! It was only on the third day that she actually started to feel ill.

Madmog Mon 26-Nov-12 14:11:42

Unfortunately, children do sometimes have unexplained high temperatures and it's obviously hard to judge. As long as she seems alert, generally happy and is taking fluids, I would try not to worry unless there is any change.

If she's in a vest and pyjamas, I would say that's fine even in a cold house. My daughter wouldn't take calpol until she was 7 years old (even as a baby would sick it back up), so we had to cope by striping her down and opening her bedroom windows in the middle of the night.

DeWe Mon 26-Nov-12 09:58:39

I wouldn't worry unless there are other signs. If she's still got a temperature in the morning it could be worth taking her to the GP to check she hasn't an ear infection or something that can be hard to see.
With ds his first sign of an ear infection was always a temperature.

Muffinpig Sun 25-Nov-12 22:41:14

DD is 11mo and has been slightly grizzly today but had her fingers in her mouth so assumed it was teeth. She felt a bit warm at bedtime so I took her temp and it was 38.4. Gave her calpol and rechecked 2 hours later and still 38.4. Have now stripped her to vest and pyjamas (ie no sleeping bag/blanket) but house is very cold and think would be too harsh with any less clothing.

She seems totally normal, alert and happy when awake (other than slightly more grizzly at a few points throughout the day). She is now asleep, do I need to worry or check her temp again during the night?

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