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Coughing poorly children

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BlueChampagne Mon 26-Nov-12 13:31:52

Agree with BeaWheesht

Cupcakemummy85 Fri 23-Nov-12 20:05:19

Hi there I was just about to post something similar. My dd is 16 months and has a horrible cough. She is coughin non stop and I really want to know how I can help her. The nurse said don't bother with cough medicines, do Vicks on feet, steam in room blah blah but like u it's not really doing much. My poor dd is coughing throughout the night which I can hear down the monitor and that keeps me up with worry. She is also really whingey! Really really whingey lol. We have a birthday party to go to and I'm not sure whether to go or not in case she infects the the kids. I feel we can't go to our usual groups in case any of the other mums think how dare I bring my coughing child ( although that's how she got it in the first place I might add lol). I'd love to know what to do.

Marne Fri 23-Nov-12 11:03:19

Dd2 has this too, we are day 5 and cough getting worse, at the moment its almost non-stop coughing and i'm suprised she's not being sick. She's ok in herself, just a bit tired and very snotty. She's been off school for 3 days and i'm not sure how long to keep her off, a lot of people seem to send there kids in with it but dd2 wont put her hand over her moth when she coughs plus she will distract the class if coughing as much as she is now (its giving me a head ache).

Hope you dc's are better soon, these coughts seem to take a while to shift sad.

BeaWheesht Thu 22-Nov-12 23:57:19

How are they in themselves? When did they last et their chests listened to? Is it a productive cough?

When you say coughing a lot do you mean literally all of the time? If so may need steroids or inhalers.

Is it worse at night? Again could try an inhaler.

debka Thu 22-Nov-12 22:37:39

My 3yo and 1yo DDs have been poorly for a good 3 weeks- snotty, coughing, tired, coughing, whingey, coughing. Mostly coughing. Although they don't wake up at night with the coughing it's obviously disturbing their sleep because they are so tired during the day.

Anyway- is there anything I can actually do about this?

(I know about the Vicks on feet business, and am not convinced it's useful, since the GP said coughing is actually a good thing, clearing the passages and all.)

Or is this par for the course for children of this age at this time of year?

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