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Numbing cream

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unexpectediteminbaggingarea Thu 22-Nov-12 07:53:09

you could feed him and hold him tight at the same time I think. Practice it before you go grin. even if she's a bit hmm he's your baby so just tell her what's going to happen. My sis always breastfed hers for jabs including the 13month ones, and she said it worked a treat. I would have (if I hadn't made DH take them).

ZigZagWanderer Wed 21-Nov-12 20:10:19

Yes come to think of it jabs sting inside more.
He has to have 3 jabs, he's 14 months old and breastfed. I could feed him couldn't I? But the nurse always insists on sitting and holding his leg and arm, makes feeding awkward.
I'm such a wimp, I just want to minimise the pain as much as possible. sad

hazeyjane Wed 21-Nov-12 19:24:26

I think you can buy it over the counter actually. But, yes thinking about it the pain from the jab is less about the needle going in, the pain comes as the liquid spreads into the muscle.

unexpectediteminbaggingarea Wed 21-Nov-12 19:17:12

emela cream works well but you'll need a prescription for it, and tbh I'd be surprised if a gp would prescribe it.

how old is he? are you worried about a tantruming 3 year old? or a 12 week old babe? I think it's the sting sometimes which is nasty, which is much deeper than a cream can penetrate, as they are intramuscular injections. honestly, just hold him really firmly to get it over as quickly as possible. if it's a baby the feed him milk while it's going on as that's well proven to minimise pain. if he's a toddler feed him chocolate buttons because that's well proven to the best parenting tool ever invented.

hazeyjane Wed 21-Nov-12 19:17:00

Ds has used emla cream before having blood tests, but he still screams the place down, a) because although it does numb the area, it does still hurt and b) a stranger is sticking a needle in his arm!

It has never been suggested before jabs, tbh as I think the shock is the thing that makes them scream as much as the needle. Also it is over so quickly and usually a quick feed or a chocolate button (when older) usually stops the screaming.

I have always given dcs calpol when having jabs.

Sirzy Wed 21-Nov-12 19:10:59

DS has had them when he has had bloods taken, but TBH I am not sure if they would do much for the routine injections considering they only take a split second to do and most of the crying is through shock rather than pain.

ZigZagWanderer Wed 21-Nov-12 19:04:40

Ds has his jabs again in a couple of weeks, I'm dreading it.
I was thinking about getting some numbing cream but just want to know if anyone has used them on their kiddies and if there are any recommendations or advice.

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