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DD (3.5) has smelly vulva, but...

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winnybella Mon 19-Nov-12 23:28:48

...there is no discharge, vagina looks fine.

She is not very good with wiping and I cannot be sure that she's doing it properly (or at all) at preschool. She often has red labia and I put it down to urine causing irritation. Bepanthen usually sorts it out.

But there is a smell and she has her hands in her knickers all the time and then it's on her hands, hair, ugh. Sort of musty smell.She had bath yesterday and today after school the smell was there again.

So I was wondering whether it's normal given her imperfect/lack of wiping or should I take her to a doctor?


ThatVikRinA22 Tue 20-Nov-12 00:37:34

i remember imparting these gems to my Dsis whose boy is just a year and a bit younger than my eldest....

her face was priceless.
he had worms too. she had no idea.

it does make me wonder how we can split the atom but not get rid of these parasitic little bastards....

TheEnthusiasticTroll Tue 20-Nov-12 00:46:18

No need to be blush sorry I didn't mean my post to be accusing, it's just I know my self from experience that little girls fiddle and don't always wash hands.

My dd will go as long as she can without seeing any water, its swimming on Mondays and she lucky if she sees the bath tub before Saturday morning grin. And my dd is pretty grotty sometimes if not reminded.

ChippingInLovesAutumn Tue 20-Nov-12 01:06:15

Winny - you are lucky not to have any reference grin If it was wee you'd know, it's more acrid, not yeasty/musty/adult.

It could just be the handwashing/fiddling etc starting it off - but those things in themselves don't cause a smell, they create the right environment for an infection/bacteria to grow etc - so it's still best to get her checked out. At her age she shouldn't smell 'adult' even if she's not bathed in a fortnight - wee'y and revolting maybe grin but not that other smell.

Be careful what she is washing with (and how energetically - I lost count of the times I said 'Barbies leg does not go there' and other sentences you never think you will utter grin). Lots of childrens bath stuff isn't great, it's far too fragranced for small kids and lots of soap too - make sure you're using something gentle.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Tue 20-Nov-12 01:31:50

Yy nothing soapy and fragranced, I use a drops of sanex in the bath or a drop of the mermaid or pirate bubbles and dd uses the flannel in the water with no soap or shower gel to wash.

AnyFucker Tue 20-Nov-12 22:45:22

any updates ?

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