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Braces for crooked teeth

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ImagineJL Sun 18-Nov-12 23:24:33

DS1's front top teeth are coming through crooked. He's 7. So far he has four 2nd teeth. I'm certain he'll need a brace. Does anyone know - will I have to wait until all his second teeth are through, or can this be started sooner? He's lisping and spitting when he talks due to his teeth sticking out, it's driving me mad!

Take him to your dentist if you have concerns.
He will grow into his teeth though.
And of course he needs all of his adult teeth before he can get a brace!

Chill. This too shall pass.

bonzo77 Sun 18-Nov-12 23:33:16

This is an ideal time to get a referral for an orthodontic assessment. His growth can be monitored and treatment started at the optimum time if required. Some treatments can be started when there are baby teeth still there, though probably not at aged 7.

ripsishere Mon 19-Nov-12 00:30:32

My DD is 11.6. She has a teeny jaw and big teeth. Ridiculously, she's only lost 8 teeth and four of those were removed by the dentist to allow space for the others.
She did have a orthodontic assessment when she was around 9 IIRC, the dentist said she shouldn't start any treatment till all her baby teeth were out.
We are having her second appt (on this round) to get her re assessed.
Do consult a dentist.

Northumberlandlass Mon 19-Nov-12 12:45:29

Hey Imagine - My DS is 9 and has one tooth out of line (quite severly) in his top set.
We were at the dentist a couple of weeks ago and I asked about it, as I wore a brace as child and I thought it was about that age.

The dentist advised me it would be better to wait until all DS baby teeth were out as all dental work like that now has to be carried out by an Orthodontist (sp?) and it would be less expensive to get it done in one fell swoop.

I'd check with your dentist, but this is the advice I was given.


MarianForrester Mon 19-Nov-12 12:49:31

My dd is ten. She got a brace about 2/3 years ago as baby teeth were not right. They reckoned it could create space so big teeth could come in properly to avoid the need for more difficult work later on.

And so far, so good... Transformation, and teeth coming in fine.

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