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Runny tummy in 3.5 year old.

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Pleasenomorepeppa Sun 18-Nov-12 10:42:55

DD (3.5), had a bit of a bug last Saturday. Vomiting from 3am-8am. She recovered fine & was asking for food by lunchtime!
We kept her off Preschool on Monday, but she was in for the rest of the week.
She had a couple of loose poos & was pooing every day (she an every 2 or 3 days kind of a girl normally), but no other complaints.
On Friday she had a bit of a poo accident (her first), at Preschool, but they said she just hadn't wiped properly. She came home & had a massive explosion on the loo, 2 on Sat & has had a massive one this morning.
She says in passing that her tummy hurts, but it doesn't appear to stop her doing anything. She's drinking well & eating. Not a lot, but she only ever eats small amounts anyway.
Should I speak to the GP? Is there anything I could be giving her to eat that wouldn't aggravate it.
It's her first actual illness, apart from the odd cold so far!

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