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baby bootcamp

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fury Thu 15-Nov-12 16:59:25

I am very concerned that the loving mums who participate in these boot camps may be unwittingly harming their young babies. Their little spines,necks and heads particularly fragile and susceptible to dangers of shaking.Their little lungs just beginning their life cycle,susceptible to damp and cold.They should not be in situations where they are being charged about in buggies,especially on uneven or bumpy muddy ground and in freezing ,damp wet conditions.Babies' eyes seek love,security,gentleness.Their ears attune to the tone of their mother's voice,pre speech,just like animals.
So why should babies be dragged to these boot camps to be bawled at by a booming man's voice yelling at them?My friend and i were shocked to come across such a scene in a horrible frightening dark, dank tunnel in an Edinburgh nature park on a damp,wet November afternoon.A team of mums with buggies following a rigorous exercise regime including running with buggies being yelled orders by a sergeant major young hunk type. a I'm sure some activities like swimming etc the babies may really enjoy and I can appreciate the benefits for mums being able to take their children and make friends but do mums really need the boot camp type ethos with this zealous disciplinarian approach to keeping fit?being healthy is not just about being super toned and super attractive ,it's about being relaxed and learning to slow down and enjoy the moment,just as babies do.Early motherhood or fatherhood of babies and children under five can be such a truly special time when you can learn to move to a different rhythm,treasure every little bone in their bodies,protect and comfort,it's a time of learning huge amounts about how to love not only our children but ourselves too.Why do mums still think they are so imperfect?and why give some bloke who enjoys yelling orders at adoring teams of young mums,the power to judge our figures.Do mums respond so devotedly when their babies start yelling?women have to ask the question -in whose eyes do they really want to shine?i'm sure their babies think they're perfect and adore their bumps and lumps.Babies love cuddly mums and so do a lot of men.
Can too much focus on calorie counting and fitness makes unfit mums?
childhood can be a wonderful opportunity to discover the joys of exercising the heart-babies have just arrived they haven't done anything wrong to be punished.They have hungry hearts and contrary to popular philosophy ,we don't need punished for being hungry,for enjoying food,for celebrating life.
boot the boot camps,whats so bloody important about bums and tums?Your babies are waiting for you to discover the joy of being mums.

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