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can anyone reassure me about size of 7 yr old DS penis (v. small)

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vworriedmum Wed 14-Nov-12 22:44:34

I have always been a bit worried about this, but dont have much to go on as dont inspect other people's kids!! My DS has a penis about half the size of a small pencil in all respects and testicles the size of walnuts. This cannot be right. Otherwise he is exceptionally tall - about the size of a ten year old. I am sure this cant be right!! Is anyone out there who has the same worries? Does anyone know if this is treatable or where to turn? At the moment he is blissfully unaware - and I dont want to create any issues. His Dad is perfectly normal, but I cant ask him as we are not together any more. Please help!

goralka Wed 14-Nov-12 22:46:09

I have not looked at my son's penis for years.
I think this is a wind-up.

vworriedmum Wed 14-Nov-12 22:47:33

It certainly is not. I would really appreciate some help/reassurance on this. Thanks.

Popumpkin Wed 14-Nov-12 22:49:26

He is 7. It is normal, don't worry. Half a pencil is NOT that short at the age is it? confused.

Presuming this is a genuine query by the way.

vworriedmum Wed 14-Nov-12 22:53:14

It really is! I am really sorry, obviously I cant really go round asking his friend's mums etc??? can I??? I am really glad to hear that this is normal. I have a grown up daughter who childminds for a boy and she made a comment and after that I have been really worrying about it.

vworriedmum Wed 14-Nov-12 22:55:36

By the way, its not as much as half a pencil, its about one inch. Diameter is the same as a pencil. Gad I feel really uncomfortable now.

Tommy Wed 14-Nov-12 22:57:30

my 9 year old is very tall and has a minuscule willy - he recently had it looked at by the GP (for another unrelated reason!) who said it was perfectly normal smile

goralka Wed 14-Nov-12 22:57:45

goodness, he is just a little boy, please do not listen to such silly comments.
My bf's penis looks tiny sometimes but always.....rises to the occasion.

RyleDup Wed 14-Nov-12 23:00:48

I would have thought it was normal at that age. Things will change when he hits puberty.

3b1g Wed 14-Nov-12 23:03:38

OK, assuming this isn't a Willy troll, I have three sons so I'm in a position to be reassuring. Firstly, there is a variation in size and they're all normal. If he can't pee without it going everywhere, or if he can't keep it clean because it's tucked up inside, then go and ask the GP for advice. Otherwise, stop worrying, especially as he hasn't even hit puberty yet.

vworriedmum Wed 14-Nov-12 23:04:41

lol! Even just to hear that is reassuring! And its helpful to hear that there are other kids with the same type of build! Thanks. I really appreciate it. Sorry if anyone thought it was a bit of a funny subject! Best wishes to you all!

Fivemoreminutesmummy Thu 15-Nov-12 09:12:29

Hi, I think this is quite a common issue- I'm a mum of 2 boys and also a doctor. Things change a lot at puberty and unless the penis is extremely small or underdeveloped he should be absolutely fine. You mention that he has a normal scrotum and testes which suggest there's no abnormality. If you are really worried, pop along to see your own gp who should be able to reassure you.

vworriedmum Thu 15-Nov-12 14:57:36

Dear Fivemoreminutesmummy, thank you so much for your helpful post! I obviously have thought of going to the doctor, but worry about giving him an issue! Should I go without him? I obviously dont want to give him any inkling that I am worried about this. Do you think my description is within the bounds of normality? From some of the other comments, I am starting to think that hopefully, its probably all fine!

Fivemoreminutesmummy Thu 15-Nov-12 16:34:14

It sounds ok to me but you certainly wouldn't be the first person to see your gp over something like that. At our practice we have a triage service so you could always phone and speak to a gp that way and then they will be prepared when they see you. I agree about playing it down to your son as you don't want him to be conscious of a 'problem.' Good luck!

5madthings Thu 15-Nov-12 16:42:44

Mum of four boys here and it sounds normal to me. They vary hugely at this age but it tends to even out at puberty. Certainlh not abnormally small from your desctiption.

vworriedmum Fri 16-Nov-12 20:29:18

Thanks very much everyone. I am feeling very reassured!

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