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umbilical hernia

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LylaLils Wed 14-Nov-12 15:22:14

Hi all

Just wondered if anyone else has experience of this? My 9 week old has one that is getting larger and more scary looking. The doc has referred us to hospital to see specialist but that's not for another 2 weeks. Time for me to get worked up about it as she mentioned it was so big they might need to operate.

I've read bits and bobs about it so I know what causes it and that all in all its harmless and should fix itself, but I just wanted to read about other people's experiences of it. Good, bad and defo ugly!!



LylaLils Wed 14-Nov-12 15:27:35

Also the doc said if my boy's complexion changes, or the hernia goes purple Mr hard, or he vomits a lot them I should go straight to a and e.

Now, sometimes my boy goes a bit pale. The hernia is a bit purple (always has been, and doc examined it and said nothing about the colour). And of course, there's quite a bit of vomit (especially as he's moving onto formula). The hernia itself isn't hard, and I can push it back in. How do I know whether the vomiting is normal? Should I be worried about him going pale sometimes?

Any help with my questions would be much appreciated xx

Crazytictac Wed 14-Nov-12 15:33:05

My DS had one at 5 weeks and got bigger and bigger. Looking back at photos it was huge. GP said it would definitely need to be operated on when he was about 12 months. We saw a consultant in the meantime who was confident it would shrink. I just couldn't see this being correct as it was visible even through clothes. However, the consultant was spot on and it did indeed shrink. When it did start to deflate it was like a little balloon and would make noises, freaked a lot of family members out!

No operation needed and a perfectly fine cute little belly button now. My DS is 2.5. Fingers crossed for your LO too. They are harmless from what I've gleaned but no doubt the consultant will be able to have a proper chat with you.

LylaLils Wed 14-Nov-12 15:43:20

Thanks tictac, yeah the hernia makes loads of squishy noises like its filled with goo, freaks me right out and puts me off getting him to lie on his belly. At what age did your DS's hernia start to shrink? I know every child is different but I'm interested to know, also did you try him on his tummy?

Crazytictac Wed 14-Nov-12 18:53:46

No worries. I think it started to deflate (but if he was windy would fill back up again!) around about 5-6 months. By 10 months it had completely gone. The consultant told me he might always have an 'outie' belly button but even that hasn't happened. My DS never liked being on his tummy so we didn't do much tummy time tbh.

Sorry cant offer any advice on the paleness / sickness. It's a worry this parenthood stuff!

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