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Calprofen to a toddler, how long can I give it for?

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Fazerina Tue 13-Nov-12 13:52:26

DS is 18 months and just had his second set of 4 incisors break through and is now getting his first set of molars straight after. He's a late teether and had his fist incisors at 13 months and now after a 5-month break, to get 8 almost at one sitting is quite a rough ride for the poor thing (and mummy hmm..). He's breastfed and wants to feed non-stop day and night, but it's really starting to get to me, as I get hardly any work done let alone chores around the house.

I've now given him Calprofen in two consecutive evenings at bedtime and it's worked well and he's been able to sleep. I've given 2.5ml each time and only once. In general though I'm not really a big fan of pain killers, so I definitely don't want to keep giving it to him for long. But for how long is it safe to give?

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