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pinworms in vagina

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Pedigree1 Tue 13-Nov-12 09:57:12

Just wondering if anyone can help me Im at my wits end. I have found tiny pinworms in my vagina this happened a four weeks ago and at first there was just a little scratching then within a week I felt like they were crawling all over my body especially at nighttime. Wevare a really clean family and a notoriously clean home but apparently that doesnt make a difference. For four weeks now I have cleaned damp-dusted ebvery day, hoovered, taken garlic drank salt water, changed diet, have made all family members even more meticulous about washing hands all the time (not just after vistingthe bathroom bit nothing seems to be working. We have Ovex from the dr..a family pack, we have had prepsin I am driving myself mad, I seem to be the only one suffering with them. I cannit stand the crawly feeling on my face, my ears and up my nose especially at nighttime. I have been showering and bathing at least twice a day and drying with kitchen roll then covering myself in baby talc. I think I have now read every article ever printed on the internet and tried everything but dont seem to be getting anywhere. The itchy feeling died off for 1 whole day last week and now their back. It is realky getting me down now it is hard work ckeaning a house with 5 people (two being babies). I have ordered a oar

Pedigree1 Tue 13-Nov-12 10:00:19

I have ordered a parasite cleanse and eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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