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quick headlice question - sorry!

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linspins Mon 12-Nov-12 18:04:28

I know there are loads of threads on headlice, but just need to ask quick questions: Have searched DD hair and only found eggs - very very small. Where has the nit gone? would just one lice have laid the eggs and gone elsewhere now?
And if I pull out/comb out all the eggs, are we then free of nits? (and do the same to me and DH.) Ds doesn't seem to have any at all...and being a wriggly two year old I am loathe to treat him too - but should I? How long do eggs take to hatch?
Thanks all!

liveinazoo Mon 12-Nov-12 21:21:27

eggs hatch in 3-4 days.if they are white the eggs have already hatched,greyish brown they are "live"
the louse may be hiding in there somewhere!

apparently nitty gritty is the best type of comb wet comb and pick out the eggs<if its just a little cluster with conditioner on damp hair tweezers are very efective,then give hair the once over with the comb to make sure you havent missed any>

check hair very thoroughly at 3 day intervals for 2 weeks before declaring the all clear-you only have to miss one egg and before you know it theres an infestation!

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