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DD age 7 has a chronic dry cough. Could it be mould spores causing it?

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Pernickety Fri 09-Nov-12 12:44:17

She's had this irritating cough for about two months. It started at the end of the summer holidays. Some days it is just the odd cough and sometimes it is all the time. It's a dry cough. It's worse in the evenings. She has not been ill for ages, so it's not a cough lingering from a cold. I was watching and waiting to see if it got better or trying to pinpoint if it was a food item that caused it, as she has some mild skin reactions to certain colourings and additives.

I now wonder if it is caused by mould spores given that it started when we started to dry washing indoors, and as it has been such a wet summer and mould spores are reported to be at a very high level. Does she need to see a doctor or will they just send us away? Is there something else that could be causing it?

honoraglossop Fri 09-Nov-12 12:48:18

Asthma cam show itself as cough at this age ( especially if overnight). See your gp

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