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17 month old, sikness and not eating

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NickTB Fri 09-Nov-12 10:25:22

Good morning all.
My daughter is 17 months old and is generally a picky eater. She has been ill with a cough, and sickness/diarrhoea since Saturday 3rd. As a result she is basically refusing to eat. i.e. half a biscuit per day or a quarter of a slice of toast if that. and more often than not she brings that back up. She is however drinking water like a fish, and I have been adding dioralyte to her bottle once per day as well as a vitiman supplement once per day. The doctor put her on antibiotics as she has a slight chest infection.

My question is, should I worry about her not eating? The doctor say's no, but she's like a little bird at the moment. All she does is sleep all day and looks so fragile.

Is there anything that will perk her up and get her eating? even if it's just a small improvement?

Thanks in advance,


amazingmumof6 Fri 09-Nov-12 16:08:21

I agree with the Dr.

Digestion puts a huge strain on the body, she needs the energy to heal. you are doing everything right. if food makes her sick stop giving it altogether.

She'll ask for food when she gets better, stop stressing her out by nagging her to eat. (sorry, I meant that nicely!)

Lots of drinks- excellent, so is vitamins!

Antibiotics can make her sick too

You could try giving her manuka honey, it's sweet and easily digested and the sugar will give her energy and it has antibacterial properties.
Raw honey is not recommended under the age of 12 months (can't remember reason, so do check why!), but she's old enough to have it.
tell her it's a treat, not food!

when she's eating again give her prebiotic/probiotic yogurt to build up the gut.

And of course if she gets worse get medical help, but you know that anyway...

And give her a kiss from me! x

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