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Grommets in France

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mamalula Wed 07-Nov-12 14:27:06

DS2 is 18 months old and had grommets fitted here in France when he was 12 months old. We went to see the ENT yesterday and he said that one of them has fallen out and he would like to re-do the op asap putting new grommets in both ears. He was quite pushy about it and wants to do it in 2 weeks time. It is hard when all this is happening in another language and I often think of questions afterwards and I was just wondering if anyone has had anything similar happen to their kids at this age. I am just concerned about the general anaesthetic and about the long term effects of repeated surgery on the eardrum. My DH has a permanent hole in his ear drum and he had repeated grommets as a child. The one thing that really makes me want to go ahead is how his hearing will be affected especially with taking in 2 languages and of course I don't want him to be in pain.

ripsishere Fri 09-Nov-12 03:57:05

I don't think you have any basis for fear of repeatted GA's TBH.
It is entirely normal for them to fall out. DDs first came out around 5 months after the surgery, her second fell out and had been encapsulated in a ball of wax which needed syringing out three years later.

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