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15 week baby with a rash

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Mothpop Wed 07-Nov-12 07:32:30

Since DD was 8 wks old she has had a patch of dry skin on the back of her thigh. I was putting olive oil on it at the recommendation of the HV and it did improve to a degree.

As DH has sensitive skin I thought it would be judicious 2 weeks ago to change the washing powder to Ecover - I previously used supermarket own brand non-bio.
Just over 7 days ago I noticed that DD had been rubbing her feet together and had caused a sore on one ankle. A nurse at the GPs surgery thought it was eczema and prescribed an emollient and bath additive which I started. At the time DD had a light pinprick rash over a part of her tummy, but nothing obvious. The following day this rash was much worse and had spread to her neck, face and trunk. Now the pinpricks only show when she's hot but red blotches remain. Except for her neck where the pinpricks are always really obvious.

The rash does seem to itch - and more so after the emollient has been applied. Last night she had a really bad nights sleep as she spent the whole night shuffling up and down her cot itching herself. She sleeps on her front so her face is glowing this morning.

The part around her neck looks like eczema but I'm not sure about the rest of her body. Does eczema usually appear so suddenly and so obviously? Would a viral rash have disappeared by now? Are they usually itchy?
I should say that DD is obviously a sensitive baby as she has issues with lactose and milk proteins so I now have a dairy-free diet - she's BF plus a bit of cow & hate pepti-junior.

Ps sorry for the lengthy post!!

EugenesAxe Wed 07-Nov-12 07:52:39

She may be allergic to the emollient cream... strange as it sounds. I am allergic to E45 I think (not badly). Does it have lanolin in it? That's a well known allergen.

Anyway I'd see if they would prescribe something else. Viral rashes... seen a few times; they go within 1-2 days maybe?

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