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One year olds and poo

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lucidlady Sun 04-Nov-12 18:37:22

DD has had very pale, soft poo for the past couple of days. She seems fine in herself but the poo is worrying me. It's a very pale beige colour. Is this normal or does she need to see the doctor?

LightTheGooTouchpaper Sun 04-Nov-12 22:11:34

Mine always gets this creamy type of poo when teething.

onetothree Mon 05-Nov-12 20:43:52

I have 3 dc and all of them have had the beige colour poo at some point. Afaik it's perfectly normal.

HappyAsASandboy Mon 05-Nov-12 20:47:59

I agree with the teething link. Both my DTs get funny beige (slightly runny) poo when they also have red patches on their cheeks and are grizzly and off their food. Pretty sure it's teeth.

minicc Wed 07-Nov-12 08:42:52

Have you recently starting giving cows milk more often? My daughters poo went very creamy coloured when I gave her cows mills instead of formula.

lucidlady Wed 07-Nov-12 19:14:30

Thanks all. I'm pretty sure she's teething, which may explain it! The childminder hasn't sent her home either so it must be fairly common.

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