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Small unexplained bruises

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Crazytictac Sat 03-Nov-12 19:44:10

I noticed my DS had a small bruise on the back of his upper leg last week which I thought was odd as it's not really a place you'd expect to find one. It lasted a few days.

Tonight I've now noticed 2 small circular bruises on the back of both his arms ( near the elbows). It's just such a strange place to have them and I can't figure out how he could have got them. They are much smaller than 'regular' bruising. I'm going to take him to the GP next week but just wondered if anyone else has any experience of this?


Iggly Sat 03-Nov-12 19:45:50

Could anyone have held him tightly?

TheEnthusiasticTroll Sat 03-Nov-12 19:47:57

How old is your ds and where who does he socialise with, childcare school and age of other children? Maybe from playing, fighting or messing around? Do they look like finger marks or are they smaller, could someone have grabbed him or held him tightly?

cosysocks Sat 03-Nov-12 19:48:52

I'm afraid I'm with iggy. Where you say they are would be worrying me that some had held him too tightly.
What's your gut instinct say?

TheEnthusiasticTroll Sat 03-Nov-12 19:49:16

How old is your ds and where who does he socialise with, childcare school and age of other children? Maybe from playing, fighting or messing around? Do they look like finger marks or are they smaller, could someone have grabbed him or held him tightly?

TheEnthusiasticTroll Sat 03-Nov-12 19:49:46

Sorry didn't mean to post that twice.

Crazytictac Sat 03-Nov-12 19:50:28

No I don't think so. He's always with me apart from nursery 2 mornings a week but the bruises on his arms seem to have appeared this evening ( he hasn't been there since tues)

Iggly Sat 03-Nov-12 19:51:43

They're fresh bruises?

TheEnthusiasticTroll Sat 03-Nov-12 19:51:51

So he is little then, what have you been doing today and yesterday, who where you with?

cosysocks Sat 03-Nov-12 19:52:34

Well if your certain that they couldn't have been caused by anyone your doing the correct thing taking him to GP.

knittedslippersx3 Sat 03-Nov-12 19:52:56

Has he been on any medication? Dd covered in bruises once due to side effects of antibiotics.

Crazytictac Sat 03-Nov-12 19:53:04

Sorry x posts. They don't look like children's finger tip marks but then I'm no expert.

He's well in himself so I'm trying not to get ahead of myself with doom case scenarios.

Appreciate your replies

Crazytictac Sat 03-Nov-12 19:54:13

No medication. He's 2.5 and only with me and close friends / family but never out of min or DH sight

bamboostalks Sat 03-Nov-12 19:55:57

Well clearly it's extremely unlikely and I hate to worry you, have thought twice about posting this but my friend's son had this and it ended up being leukaemia. Something to be alert you to if your GP is dismissive.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Sat 03-Nov-12 19:56:17

I doubt very much it is doom case scenario OP. but Imwould be aware of marks and bruises over the next few days before going to the drs.

VerySmallSqueak Sat 03-Nov-12 19:59:26

Does he bump into and walk into things?
Could it be from bumping into corners (or whatever) of things?

TheEnthusiasticTroll Sat 03-Nov-12 19:59:32

Has there been any horseplay or struggling with nappies or getting out the bath etc, where you or dh have had to lift him at all, I think that it is more likely an unintentional cause if you have no concerns about anyone around him.

discrete Sat 03-Nov-12 20:01:04

I've had small, unexplained bruises all my life. Still do.

Apparently it's just 'one of those things'. I just bruise very, very easily so things I might not even notice as an impact leave a bruise.

If someone held me ever so slightly hard (say, to stop me crossing a road without looking) as a child, I would come out in large bruises.

I've always had bruises around my legs - just from bumping into furniture or something like that.

AFAIK, there's nothing particularly to worry about. Well, at least 40 years on I'm still OK....

Crazytictac Sat 03-Nov-12 20:04:59

That's what I'm frightened to death of bamboostalks but useful to know as our GP surgery is on the whole rubbish so I'm going to insist its taken seriously. He does have a raised lymph node behind his ear which has been there for a while but doctor wasn't concerned about that when I took him. In conjunction with the bruising, I am worried.

Thanks for all your replies

JuliaFlyte Sat 03-Nov-12 20:07:08

Look out for a rash OP. When ds2 was little we noticed unexplained bruises appearing over a few days, then a rash which spread quickly. He spent a week in hospital with a condition called ITP, he had low platelets after a viral infection. He needed a platelet transfusion, but made a full recovery and is perfectly healthy now.

Crazytictac Sat 03-Nov-12 20:09:32

Verysmallsqueak - he does run around a lot and will occasionally throw himself into the sofa/ his playhouse etc but I still can't see how the bruises would be where they are from doing this if you see what I mean

Enthusiastic troll- often a struggle to get him out of the bath or away from something he's been doing as he is very spirited but the bruises just don't seem to be where you would expect if they came about accidentally if you see what I mean. Absolutely no concerns about anybody around him

Discrete- thanks, hope that might just be the case here

TheEnthusiasticTroll Sat 03-Nov-12 20:10:52

I think with raised nods I would actually take him OP. it may be indicative of more than just lukemia OP, so I would not worry just now. Just get him checked out when you can.

out2lunch Sat 03-Nov-12 20:11:32

i was thinking itp too - a friend of dds had it as a toddler
i would go to gps to get a blood test done

Crazytictac Sat 03-Nov-12 20:11:40

Thanks Juliaflyte. Will keep very close eye out.

You're all very kind to reply, I wasn't expecting to get any response. Thank you

Chandon Sat 03-Nov-12 20:11:58

My DS has always had lots of bruises, as he bruises easily.

No need to panic imo

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