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11m old being sick - teething or ill?

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Twice in the past 2 months, DS has, overnight, lost most interest in food and is sometimes sick if he eats in the daytime and is sick once or twice between midnight and 3am. It lasts about 4 or 5 days.

He doesn't have a temperature, has wet nappies and will take his formula no problem. In fact, I up his formula to compensate. In between, he is happy and cheery and naps well in the daytime and sleeps fine at night (except for the being sick). After being sick in the night, he goes easily back to sleep after being cleaned up.

It has coincided with rosy cheeks, drool and he seems in pain around his gums.

At first, I thought it was teeting but now I'm not so sure. I think the last episode actually happened after he got his first teeth but i convinced myself it was teeth related.
We checked his gums earlier and he has no sign of any more teeth coming through. His gag reflex seems incredibly strong. We gave him teething powder tonight and it made him bring up his tea.

DP reckons he cas catarrh on his stomach (hence the midnight sickness as it has sat flat on his stomach for a few hrs).
Does anyone have experience of such a strong reaction to teething? I am hoping it's something else as this is going to be a nightmare if it happens at every tooth - he'll be constantly being sent home from nursery!
Or could it be a virus/just one of those things?

I haven't seen the GP as my instinct says not serious as he is 100% himself between vomitting.


Badvoc Fri 02-Nov-12 21:36:07

My rule of thumb is anything out of the ordinary I get them checked over.
My ds1 had an awful time teething.
But was never sick.
Hope he improves soon x

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