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Feet Problem In Children Pleas Help

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TwinsMum5 Fri 02-Nov-12 20:58:03

Hi , my LB was 5 in september and has been seeing a biomechanics doctor for two years as his feet turn inwards from the ankle on both feet causing a lot of pain, trips falls and plenty of stumbles!! Due to him having no arch on either foot.
He recently saw his doctor for new insoles and the doctor noticed he now has bad claw toes on one foot and moderate claw toes on the other due to my LB crunching his toes under when walking,sitting or playing.
The doctor's advice was to stop my LB from doing this , which my LB's reply was my feet feel better if my toes are like that and to stretch his toes throughout each day , the worst out come would be for my LB not to stop and then his toes would permantly be like this . Any one had any similar problems and could offer any advice would be greatly appreciated .

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