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6mo with coughing/wheezing/grunting/chest recessions etc etc!

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seventwin Fri 02-Nov-12 13:47:29

My DD is 6 months old and we've had ongoing issues with her since about 10 weeks when we noticed a cough. I don't expect any diagnosis but I guess a little support and reassurance, alongside any thoughts and experiences about what we might be looking at.

There are lots of things the symptoms point towards and have been suggested by some of the many doctors we've seen along the way such as asthma, reflux disease or lung disease for example but we've not yet had our appointment with the respiratory specialist which is booked for dec.

Her symptoms on a daily basis are coughing, often just dry, random wheezing which is also brought on when distressed or out of breath, which can happen easily after being on her tummy and therefore preventing much development. She has chest recessions at all times, which the doctors say as this is normal for her it's not concerning on its own. Her breathing is often fast and she grunts most of the time, almost like she holds her breath for a second before breathing out. She has coughing fits which can lead to wretching and being very sick every day or two.

She gets worse with a cold and was admitted to hospital with bronchialitis needing support to breath and feed through a tube. From this they have done a cf test, blood test looking at immunity and a chest x-ray, nothing heard back yet on these so presuming nothing urgent to address, and to discuss further at the respiratory appt. there has been many doctors mention a murmur but the experts say its a flow murmur and nothing to worry about, we've pushed for an echo anyway and having this is a few weeks.

She has now started to feed less, taking about 450mls in 24 hours, yet she is 12lb. She sleeps well however and is mostly a happy baby.

Anyone else have anything similar and what were their experiences with any specialists, or things that they found helped? THANKS!!

butterfingerz Fri 02-Nov-12 14:33:41

Is it possible to pester them to bring your consultant appt forward? The symptoms you describe are what my asthmatic DS, 16 months, experiences during an asthma attack at which point I would go to A+E with him. If you're experiencing such symptoms on a daily basis, well I personally would not want to leave it til December. Especially if she's now feeding less. I would head back to your GP or even to A+E.

Generally it is advised that, particularly in a baby, that chest retractions, increased respiratory rate, stridor and grunting are a medical emergency in a sense that your baby is struggling to breath and requires urgent medical attention. I'm surprised that the doctors you have seen thus far have not treated it more seriously/promptly.

seventwin Fri 02-Nov-12 15:20:26

This is what makes it so hard, we went to the GP again this morning and they are faxing the hospital to get the appt brought forward, I also phoned the specialists secretary yesterday who is going to speak to him to try to do the same. We've taken her to A&E a few times and been sent home so we have learnt along the way the thresholds that are risky for her.

We do also try to push for more but it's so hard when she often presents as fine and her sats are fine, despite chest recessions etc. all docs say the same in regards to this. The issue now is her feeding so will keep a close eye on this, and her weight and any changes back to the the docs again!

Off to try to get another feed in her now, not holding my breath!

dikkertjedap Fri 02-Nov-12 18:43:02

Are you able to go private (at least initially)? Dr Suri is a top respiratory paediatrician who works privately at the Portland Hospital in London but he also works for Great Ormond Street Hospital (NHS).

Even if it means travelling to London for 1-2 days (as he will probably want to do tests), it may be worth to get peace of mind although you should reckon that the consultation can be between £150-£200 (this could last between 1-2 hours) and any tests on top of that. Not sure if this would be a possibility?

Sirzy Fri 02-Nov-12 20:13:05

Does she have an inhaler? I would be pushing for at least ventolin as a 'stop gap' until she has been seen.

If she isn't taking feeds or you are worried please don't hesitate to take her to a and e

beautifulgirls Fri 02-Nov-12 20:19:32

I am no expert but have the doctors considered laryngomalacia? A friend's son had this and has grown out of it now he is older.

seventwin Sat 03-Nov-12 08:59:50

I would love to go private but think we'll see what the respiratory appointment comes back with first, and I'll definitely discuss the laryngomalacia with them as its a possibility for sure after looking it up.

We do have an inhaler which does seem to help a little but as you say only a stop gap really.

So many things go round my head for what it could be but now need the tests. All your responses have agreed with my instinct of how serious this is and how important it is to get diagnosed ASAP, the problem is portraying this to the doctors when she often presents to them as ok. If we don't get anywhere next week then I will look in to going private, hadn't even thought abut this as an option before now, it would be well worth the money!

Thanks again everybody, very helpful!

DameSaggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 03-Nov-12 15:46:52

seventwin - agree with the others about pushing for tests sooner. And frankly it pisses me off no end when docs diagnose a murmur as a flow murmur without doing an echo especially when the baby displays other symptoms. Please push for the echo asap. Grr on your behalf.

tholeon Sat 03-Nov-12 17:57:00

Are they doing a bronchoscopy ? My ds had a double aortic arch - birth defect where his aorta was malformed and was effectively strangling him. He was fine ish until he got an infection and needed to be ventilated. Extremely rare though. More common although still fairly rare are laryngomalacia or tracheamalacia. Or early asthma symptoms. You definitely need a specialist, as soon as possible, but you know that.

mumtoaandj Sat 03-Nov-12 21:05:41

sounds very similar to my son, he was rushed into hospital at 5 weeks old wiht fast breathing and grunting, then again at 8 weeks with bronchiolitis. then every month until he was 2.5 he had a chest infection. he has just turned 3. he always had tugging in at his neck, chest recessions and his ribs also kick out at the end. we have had many admissions to hospital, and lots of inhalers and steroids-steroids always work. The specialist all seem to think that the bronchiolitis has caused this and whenever his immunity is down he gets "asthma/bronchiolitis" symptoms. it has been hard work. i had to wait quite a bit to see a specialist and actually the first lot were rubbish so changed hospitals- he has a tendency to be anaemic too and lacks vitamin d ? your baby might just outgrow it- i have met lots of bronchiolitis babies and they seem to outgrow it.

mumtoaandj Sat 03-Nov-12 21:08:15

my son was also poor at feeding, the breathing made him work hard and found feeding tiring. if i was you i would take baby to a good hospital a and e, that way they see baby when off colour etc, my son would be breathing fast etc but always smiled at the doctors which made it so worse- i felt they never looked beyond the smile!

Goldenjubilee10 Sun 04-Nov-12 20:24:43

Ds2 had l

Goldenjubilee10 Sun 04-Nov-12 20:34:48

Woops, ds2 had laryngomalacia. He had difficulty feeding and failure to thrive because of it. He outgrew it. I'm sure ds3 also had it but the GP wasn't convinced. We had lots of trips to a&e and he was very prone to croup but he is now 6 and although he still grunts when he has a cold he is very healthy.

seventwin Tue 06-Nov-12 10:57:46

After affirmation from all of you of the seriousness of this I got on the phone and to the GP last week and the appointment has been brought forward to this Monday pleased. Have written a huge list of all issues which we can take with us. Also, have the echo on 27th November so all in place now which is good. She is feeding much better over the past couple of days which is good too. I'll keep a note of all your thoughts on what it could be and take them with us up the hospital!

Thanks again..... X

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