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Panicking about old sterilizer

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Mummyduddle Fri 02-Nov-12 09:21:06

I don't know if it's tiredness, PND or it just goes with the territory of being a mum, but I've recently been having a lot of all consuming anxiety about my DC health and things I should have done differently which could protect them from future illness....whether it's reducing the amount of acrylamide in their food (they eat a lot of toast!), changing my pan sooner when I saw scratches (Alzheimers?!), or letting the boiled water sit until cool before making bottles in advance rather than putting in after 30-40mins from the kettle(plastics leaching into bottles?).

My new worry which is the biggest of them all is that I realised that the steriliser I have been using is not bpa-free. We borrowed it from my SIL after she finished with her kids so it's pretty old. I had all bpa free bottles and I can't believe I didn't twig about the sterilser - I was just relieved not to have to buy something new.

So I have 2 questions - is a non bpa steriliser safe (I know it's a bit late now) -say in comparison to non bpa free bottles, and am I worrying too much (I guess all my worries feel like stupid mistakes and I could have done things differently with only a tiny tweak). I just love my kids beyond anything and I hate to think they are totally dependent on me to do what's right and I feel like I've totally screwed up!

notcitrus Fri 02-Nov-12 10:09:03

The steriliser just makes steam to treat the stuff you put in it - it'll be fine. You do sound like you are worrying a lot which is pretty natural with babies and sleep deprivation etc, but try to remember that 20 years ago noone knew lots of these risks and people were generally fine - any risk from BPA is very small.

Sneezecakesmama Fri 02-Nov-12 10:21:17

You sound very anxious and over reacting to minor issues. Have you talked to your GP or got some advice from the HV in case you have some degree of PND. A new/first baby is very scary but also enjoyable, but you sound as though your anxiety is taking away the nice bits.

MarjorieAntrobus Fri 02-Nov-12 10:23:34

How old are your DC, OP?

If they are over a year then you don't need to be sterilising. Actually, if you have a dishwasher then sterilising is a bit redundant.

If they are really small then are you OK, pnd-wise? Because you sound very anxious, and I wondered whether you are, perhaps, not coping too well.

All meant kindly, in case that isn't clear.

MarjorieAntrobus Fri 02-Nov-12 10:24:42

X post with sneeze. Snap.

Welovecouscous Fri 02-Nov-12 10:25:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mummyduddle Fri 02-Nov-12 10:44:45

I have 2 DC - DD 2.3 and DS 6 months. I have always been a bit health-aware (probably read too much) but this anxiety has come on over the last week / 10 days and escalated to the point I've lost my appetite and have trouble sleeping (big scenarios in my head about DC getting awful illness in future and it's my fault). The funny thing is, is that up until now I have been really happy! And when I mentioned PND to my DP he laughed as I have (seemingly) been coping really well.

Goldmandra Fri 02-Nov-12 13:25:40

Firstly your DCs didn't drink fluid kept in the steriliser so it can't be anywhere near as much as the very tiny risk would have been from it being in the bottles.

You sound like you're having an extreme anxiety reaction and, unless your DP is qualified in this area he is not in a position to make a judgement.

Please make an appointment with your GP to talk this through.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Fri 02-Nov-12 13:40:19

Mummyduddle I think it is natural to worry and question your actions. It is problematic however when this begins to be consuming and affects your appetite and normal anxiety levels. I would consider discussing this with your health visitor and G.P as I worry that you may be experiencing some level of post natal depression and the sooner it is recognised and treated the best chance you have of getting this under controle and enjoying your babies.

Mummyduddle Fri 02-Nov-12 20:02:28

If anyone is interested, Avent have apparently never used BPA in their sterilizers (rang them today and they even sent an email to confirm this).

Thanks for the messages - it does help to talk. I do need to get my anxiety under control! I'm hoping it will pass in time and if not I will contact my GP.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Fri 02-Nov-12 22:34:42

Just don't give it too much time. Xx make sure you go and talk things over with Hv or gp

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