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Worried about DS - sinusitis?

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EugenesAxe Thu 01-Nov-12 22:06:09

DS (2.9) was complaining about a tooth hurting today. He's been a bit fussy all day, didn't eat any tea bar two spoons of yoghurt, and just asked to go to bed.

I took him up and checked his temp, which was 39 degs. He was shivery and very tired; he allowed me to brush his teeth but went nuts when I tried to do the side that was hurting.

He fell asleep within minutes; I gave him ibuprofen. His breathing was laboured and he was mucusy; I put on Karvol.

He's breathing better now but for some reason I'm spooked - he just seemed really out of sorts. I'll take him to docs tomorrow, just wondered if anyone had experience of this at all. He has a history of bad ear infections and I noticed last week some very dark wax coming out of his ear. I just cleaned it but now I wonder if the two are linked.

I'm usually really lax about health but something's bugging me about this. Would it be OTT to ask for referral to ENT specialist? I guess doc will tell me where to go if it is...

BeaWheesht Thu 01-Nov-12 23:52:41

I wouldn't ask for a referral unless he has constant ear infections.

It could be a virus. Has his temp come down with ibuprofen?

Get him checked out tomorrow if no better - could it actually be a sore tooth? Have you checked for blisters? Am thinking hand foot and mouth??

EugenesAxe Fri 02-Nov-12 01:26:59

Yes his temp did come down. It could be a tooth but he seems young; I'll keep an open mind though. He's not a willing tooth cleaner and we use those chewing toothbrushes interspersed with good cleans from a real one.

Did look for blisters - quite hard to get cooperation but no obvious ones when I managed a glimpse. Thanks for replying though; I did also wonder HF&M.

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