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constipated 11 week old baby please help!

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mummyfirsttime Wed 31-Oct-12 22:26:39

My baby has bad reflux and was prescribed gaviscon infant which has worked however has given his really bad constipation. It has been about 5 or 6 days since he has had a proper poo. He is EBF he keeps pushing resally hard that his face goes bright red and only a pea sized hard poo comes out. I have tried warm water massage excerise etc nothing is workinf. What can I do? I read on an american site diluted prune juice but he is not weaning as yet so not sure this is an option. He seems in pain please help. Thanks

AnitaBlake Wed 31-Oct-12 22:31:27

I drank the prune juice myself when I was EBFing DD. Soon sorted her out as its one of the few things that apparently comes through your milk (happy to be corrected but it worked for us!

narmada Wed 31-Oct-12 22:54:43

There is something you can buy called carobel - from Boots, on order- that has same effect as gav but is less constituting. You do need to be aware it contains carob flour tho so effectively that is a foodstuff ...

Mybabyseyes Wed 31-Oct-12 23:08:58

I agree with Anitablake. Whatever you eat has an effect. What's your diet like Op? I find a big fruit salad and coffee has the worst effect on ds.

SamSmalaidh Wed 31-Oct-12 23:10:27

Go back to the GP - they might be able to either give him something for the constipation or put him on an alternative to the gaviscon.

mrsb33 Fri 02-Nov-12 13:48:39

My little girl has suffered from day one, cooled boiled water worked a treat. Only a little though as it can upset there tummy if u do it too often, now she's older I use brown sugar and cooled boiled water and that also works. Hope that helps. My hv recommended this by the way wink

narmada Fri 02-Nov-12 20:40:31

If it is gaviscon that is causing the issue - and it prob is- then nothing you eat as a nursing mum is going to have an effect - sorry sad. I think you need to find an alternative to the gav.

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