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baby hitting and scratching himself

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Spuddybean Mon 29-Oct-12 13:21:53

my 7 week old baby contorts his body and hits his right fist on the side of his head. he also scratches his head and yanks his right ear. he does this especially when bfing but not when bottle feeding.

does anyone have any ideas what i can do. he gets very distressed and i can't comfort him sad

Maybe try and put some scratch mitts on while feeding or alternatively swaddle him while you are breastfeeding.

My DD used to do this too!

Spuddybean Mon 29-Oct-12 14:06:06

thanks, he wont feed tho either. he shakes his head from side to side getting very distressed. he only will bf at night. in the day he will only take a bottle. i have to spend the day expressing and then feeding with a bottle.

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