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tummy problems in 20w baby

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caeleth Mon 29-Oct-12 08:46:38


DS is 20w and for the past week or so has been having some issues - i hink it's his tummy.

Not sure if its related, but last weekend and at the stsrt of the week he had a bit higher temp than normal -37.5-38. Last sat he ate much less than usual, but fine the other days. Took him to gp on mon and he checked the usual - ears, throat and did a bit of listening. Pronounced him fine.

However, al week he slept really poorly at night. Waking up lots of times before i went to bed crying and really restless all night. We cosleep, but normally he spends half the night "on his own" in the middle of the bed. He's now been snuggled with me all night, either on his tummy or on his side, and still rwstless. He's added another meal st night, so now dreamfeed plus two meals, and instead of barely waking, feeding and dropping back off to sleep he can't settle and wakes up again. Usually stays up 1-2 hours. He's been sleeping progressively worse during he day too and can't stand his back at all. Will sleep a little on his side, but this weekend i had to hold him for him to stay asleep.

Thought initially he was teething, but looks more like tummy is bohering him. This weekend he's fed less i think, because everytime he feeds he takes a million breaks, either staring off to space or doing minisitups, pullng legs up and straining. He's been straining a LOT lately and whines/cries at the same time, especially if he managesto push gas out. Pooed sat night and last night after beeing up for an hour straining each time.

Seems to be getting progressively worse, last nihht was fun...

Also seems to be possiting more, even at night (which he's never do e before). And rubs his eyes while whining a lot.

Apart from sleep and feeding issues seems ok during the day,maybe a bit more whiny than usual.
Apologies for essay :-)

Any ideas? Normal or should i go see gp again?

caeleth Mon 29-Oct-12 09:02:28

Forgot to mention that he's ebf, but had his first taste of porridge yesterday

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