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Testing for Heliobacter Pylori?

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WelshMoth Mon 29-Oct-12 07:33:18

DD6 has complained of stomach pains and discomfort fairly consistently for the last few years. Constipation has been an issue, but not a constant one, and it was dealt with ages ago with Movical, we 'monitor' her bowel movements (not in a strict way but subtly, just to make sure we know she's going IYSWIM) and we watch her diet and fluid intake.

She's been treated with peppermint lotion and junior gaviscon (for heartburn) and even though both were foul, she stuck to it. No difference. We've gone to the GP several times about this, and the doctor insinuates that it's a 'child' thing, especially when they start going to school - insinuating that she was complaining to get out of school. We've checked school (still do on a regular basis) and there are no problems. She enjoys school and has never tried to feign illness to not go. She's not a 'complainer' and has a pretty get-up and go attitude. But these 'spikey' pains as she calls them rears its head so often.

I'm wondering whether it's HelioBacter Pylori. How likely is this?

Sorry for the epic - I don't half waffle.

ipswichwitch Mon 29-Oct-12 07:39:06

H pylori tends to cause diarrhoea rather than constipation. The test is quite simple (stool sample needed)
I'm wondering if the pain is caused by constipation? I know from bitter experience that gp's aren't always great in dealing with constipation in kids, and may be worth finding out if there's a constipation clinic at your local hospital (as we have)

GlesgaRocket Mon 29-Oct-12 07:43:32

I had this a few months back. But, it turns out that i also had gallstones, so i'm not sure which symptoms were the gallstones and which ones could be attributed solely to the heliobacter.

It was like the worst indigestion in the world, and my stomach felt like it was on fire. No constipation.
I went to the Dr and they did a blood test, and arranged for me to have a scan at hospital (where the gallstones were spotted). The blood test revealed that i had heliobacter, and i had a course of anti-biotics.
It was about 5 months after the anti-biotics that i had my gallbladder removed, and in that time i never had any of that stomach on fire pain again, so i associate that with the heliobacter and that the anti-biotics had worked.

Has the Dr not done a blood test? I would be asking for one, since this seems to be a current problem, and it's very easily diagnosed and treated.

GlesgaRocket Mon 29-Oct-12 07:45:03

Just saw the second post - i didn't have to give a stool sample. Only a blood test, but agree that my stools were a lot looser at the time!

Theala Mon 29-Oct-12 07:55:04

you're wrong there ipswichwitch, h pylori can also cause constipation unfortunately. it might be worth bringing her to a gastro enterologist op to check if it is that. her symptoms sound quite like mine and that did turn out to be h pylori.

Afsana1 Mon 29-Oct-12 20:59:02

I had this but i had to do a test where you have to drink something and then breath into a tube. I had the antibiotics but I feel still the same. Hope they find out what it

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