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Grommets 4 months ago, ds complained of pain and now gazillions of wax

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noyouhavehadawee Sat 27-Oct-12 10:13:04

Hello a bit of advice please would be appreciated. DS had grommets fit in June he had his check up in sept and his hearing is really improved so proper pleased. Anyway thur night he woke up complainig of ear pain so i iburpofened him up and he went back to sleep, topped him up for school and all was well till came out of school and there was loads of visible wax in his right ear he said it had turned off a few times in day but he wa ok - i took to gp who said he coldnt see past all the gazillions of wax but come back if it looks like puss - this morning (sat) he has even more wax completely blocking his ear and even leaked onto his ear lobe - quite thick stuff. He isnt in pain. Shall i just wait and see? Anyone else experienced this? Iwondered if it was because the grommet is coming out or because he has had a mini cold/ cough the last week or so. Humour me smile

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