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7 yr old can't relax and 'turn brain off'

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permaquandry Fri 26-Oct-12 21:27:32

Dd1 has never been able to settle at night, her brain is too active. I think she is overtired tonight, however she is saying she feels weird, not like herself and can't stop thinking about bad things such as family members dying?! We don't have the news on but she could have heard something, somewhere as she says she's worried about her younger sibling dying in a fire (this made me turn cold). I've given her a list if things to think about, Xmas list, the weekend etc, have sung a few silly song which made her laugh but obv not relax.

She says there's a party in her head!

Anyone with experience of how to deal with this? Help appreciated.

HeartOfDixie Fri 26-Oct-12 21:34:37

Hi. My daughter is similar with not being able to stop thinking when trying to get to sleep, although she doesnot report the negative
thoughts. She is aged 8. What I have found works is putting on either classical music or a story CD. We use the same CD's so they are enjoyable but not newly interesting. This has never failed and usually takes her about 10 mins to fall asleep. We probably put the CD on 2/3 times a month at the moment. Hope that helps.

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