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Chicken Pox spots scabbing not crusting?

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Knittingnovice Wed 24-Oct-12 08:33:02

DS has chicken pox, (DH took him to the GP, and was told it was chicken pox)

However everything I have asked Dr Google says that the spots should look like little blisters, then crust over.

DS's do not look like little blisters and are now definitely scabbing over rather than crusting.

He hasn't complained of being itchy or been unwell in any other way.

Is this still likely to be chicken pox or is there another type of spot based disease that scabs over? Or do chicken pox spots scab. Most of the spots are scabbed over now, but he has a lot in his groin and DS won't let me look at them.

Can any wise Mumnetter help me, I am going crazy having been inside since last Thursday

Thank You

(am also going to post in general health)

silverangel Wed 24-Oct-12 09:11:51

Where are the spots - could it be hand foot & mouth? DTs got diagnosed by Dr with chicken pox and then it transpired there was an outbreak at their toddler group and funnily, thats where the spots where. They can also be in the groin and around bottom / genitals, despite the name...

Knittingnovice Wed 24-Oct-12 09:18:49

Spots are mostly torso, groin and some in his hair and around hair line.

There is chicken pox going round at school (he only started YR) in September so we have assumed that it is chicken pox.

Madmog Wed 24-Oct-12 10:43:33

When my daughter had children pox they started off as clear fluid filled blisters. For my daughter they were mainly on her torso, but when I had them at 25 they came out everywhere!

Fuchzia Wed 24-Oct-12 10:55:12

I've had exactly the same with DS1 spots on groin, torso and underarm but notably elsewhere. Sure it isC-pox even tho it doesn't seem itchy.

Sorry for thread hijack but now DS1's spots have crusted over am I doomed to wait in the house for three weeks in case DS2 is infectious? Bearing in mind he's 8 months so won't be interacting with other children that much?

Going slowly mad here...

Knittingnovice Wed 24-Oct-12 11:41:38

fuchzia I'm not staying in, DD is 2y8m and I checked with my CM and she is fine to have her until she becomes spotty.

It's half term next week and we are going away on Friday, then the DC's are going to stay at my parents while I decorate their new bedroom. I've spoken to my DM and am sending Eurax, piriton & calamine but she has had 4 children who have had it and DF had it when we all had it so she'll be fine.

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