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9 month old had temp of 38.9, what to do?

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Baby been very unsettled, not really slept all night. I finally got concerned about his temp, use the digital thermometer and it's 38.9. Stripped him off and it's gradually dropped to 37.1 and he's now sleeping (not very deeply) on my stomach, but I'm still concerned. It can't have got that high just through being overdressed, as he was only in a vest and pajamas, lying on top of me with no covers on and our windows are open. Do I need to get him checked out or am I just pfb-panicking?

BeaWheesht Wed 24-Oct-12 04:56:39

Is his breathing ok? When he's breathing is it sucking in under his Tina? If so he needs seen now.

Could you give him some calpil or nurofen?

If he seems to be ok ish id wait until

TanteRose Wed 24-Oct-12 04:59:09

A temperature is the body's way of fighting off some kind of infection. So he may have picked up a virus or something, but unless he is very uncomfortable, I wouldn't worry too much.

Does he have any other signs of a cold?

if you want to get him checked out, then do (in the morning).
Never ignore your mother's instinct if you feel something is not quite right


BeaWheesht Wed 24-Oct-12 04:59:47

.... The GP opens however I'd definitely get him checked put today

If he is struggling with breathing or has rigours/ a fit then he needs seen now,

Keep an eye on his temp. My dd did similar at 5 months - it was a tummy bug and all over in a few hours. Ds also did it at 5 months thought his temp was 39+ and it was an ear infection so it is worth getting them seen

He's been very snotty all night and whilst his breathing seems ok atm I'm sure he was holding his breath earlier in the night, I was only partially awake so can't be certain, but I'm sure there were some weird pauses.
I feel like such a drama queen, but I don't want to miss something vital. My niece had meningitis at 3 months and I keep worrying that I'll fail to notice something's wrong with ds

TanteRose Wed 24-Oct-12 05:16:41

aw, you're not a drama queen - we've all been there smile

you WILL notice if something is really wrong (when I wrote "your mother's instinct" I meant "YOUR instinct as a mother" not your mum's grin)

just remember that babies are actually more resilient than we give them credit for. The human race would have died out long ago if we succumbed to every little sniffle.
Even at this young age, his immune system will be trying to fight off infection. However, babies can and do go downhill quickly, so be vigilant - but don't worry too much.

Not much help, am I grin

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Wed 24-Oct-12 07:24:45

Alternate calpol and nurofen.

They work better like that.

If possible, when its nap time today, try and keep his head raised from his body. Shoul help with the snottiness. So is he's in his bed, fold some blankets or pop some pillows under his mattress, just so he's a little more upright.

Or will he sleep in his buggy? That may help too.

Oblasts oil, vapour rub and warm baths help too.

Offer lots of cold juice and I hope he's feeling better soon.

He's still bf, so it's not too hard to get liquids into him. The main problem now is that he's exhausted, so is finding it harder to is, I fear, going to be a very long one

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