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Can you give calpol on an empty stomach?

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Ds (2.4) has had the d and v bug that is doing the rounds at the moment since yesterday. Has had bites of food but not enough for a meal at all. He is drinking lots of fluid. He has started to get a temp in the last hour or so, am I ok to give him some calpol even though his stomach will be near empty? Any other suggestions for dealing with d & v? It's my first time!

Should add he is playing and happy enough, bit sluggish for suspect low in energy as he hasn't eaten properly? Still laughing at cartoons etc and interacting with us.

5ThingsUnderTheBed Sat 20-Oct-12 19:38:51

Yes he should be fine. It's ibuprofen you shouldn't give on an empty stomach.

Hope he is better soon. Try giving him some ice lollies for fluid/sugar.

Thanks 5

Sneezecakesmama Sun 21-Oct-12 10:38:12

Nurofen syrup is not contradicted on an empty stomach unless there is an existing stomach ulcer or gastritis. Gastric irritation is a side affect and treatment should be stopped. Most children tolerate occasional use of ibuprofen for feverish illnesses well, it is long term use which is more problematic.

That just for clarification in the future as most feverish illnesses make children reluctant to eat anyway. I wouldn't give it for D&V simply because the stomach may be irritated already from the bug.

Calpol is the first line of treatment then ibuprofen, even though many children respond better to ibuprofen. It's parental choice really.

Re D&V lots of fluids and dioralyte is recommended for it but tastes vile. Worth a go though as it replaces salts and sugars lost in the viral illness.

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