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Threadworms - how many have them?

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Mumof3darlings Fri 19-Oct-12 16:16:02

Dear All,

I feel like I am going mad!

1 week ago I noticed DS (age 4) scratching his bum a couple of times, I immediately thought he might have worms. Checked that night by looking up his bum with a torch and immediately saw a wriggling little blighter which quite honestly made me feel sick to the stomach! My DS is a clean little boy, ie washes his hands after loo, not always before eating though and we have a very clean home but I try not to be too OTT with the kids about not touching mud/sand etc while we are in garden etc as I feel like they have gotta play/get germs etc!!!

So I gave kids and me and DH medicine... Next day checked DS no 2's nappy whilst changing him and noticed a worm in there too!!!! agggrrr!!! This sent me over the edge tbh as I felt like the medication was my only hope!!!

OK so in last week I have checked DSno 2's nappy probably a dozen times and nothing... Also checked up DS1's bum while he sleeps every night and it's clean as a whistle.. I need to give the medication again after 2 weeks but to be sure I gave us all it again yesterday just in case.

I have a doctor who advises both on natural and mainstream medicines and he advised we could all take an aloe vera drink each morning which is preventative.. so we are taking this (which I feel is more for my mind than anything else)..

I have cleaned bedding, hoovered, washed, towels have been washed after every wash - the amount of washing I have done this week is as much as a busy launderette!!! Poor little DS1 is marched home from school and told to wash his hands immediately... I am watching other kids in his class and noticed one of them scratching his bum the other day - I am thinking about this subject 100% of the time - I honestly feel like I have become obsessed with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had threadworms as a child quite a few times and I have had them as an adult too - immediately treating the problem. It always freaks me out everytime but this time seems worse as I noticed it in both my kids... what am I doing wrong???

I think the worst thing about this is that I feel so alone with it as nobody has EVER told me that their kids have this... Do people just not realise? or is it just that we are unlucky and get it more than others... Today I decided (after 1 week) to tell my DS's teacher. I found it so difficult to do as I am so embarrased and feel so guilty about it. I was hopeful she would tell me that she had seen it a hundred times before - she's been a teacher for about 15 years - but she didn't!!!!!!!!!! She was very nice, very understanding but said she had never known of a child having it before - OMG made me feel like a freak!!!

Help me - please tell me either what I am doing wrong or why it is that people don't discuss this????

Thanks for reading!!

x x

lisata Mon 21-Jan-13 22:20:12

Dosed the whole family and did endless laundry today /-: We have had them twice this year. For those wondering apparently they are more common in winter months. The chemist said that they always seem to have a rush in the second week of term ... I bought the last pack of own brand Boots tablets today... so clearly there are others around who are buying it!!

Funny that it is such a taboo.

rainbowsprite1 Thu 31-Jan-13 21:02:04

I have just tried to dose my 2 DD's (age 5 & 6) with Ovex, they can swallow tablets & when they chewed them as the packet suggested they both gagged & couldnt get any of it down. that was the quickest waste of £8 I've done for a while. can anyone suggest any better tasting meds or a good way of getting the tablets into small children??

rainbowsprite1 Thu 31-Jan-13 21:02:28

sorry - they CANT swallow tablets....

onyx72 Thu 31-Jan-13 21:06:31

This thread makes me feel better. DS (4) was scratching his bottom a lot last week. I joked that he might have wriggly worms, had a look ... and I saw a worm shock.
All the family has been dosed with Ovex and yes, I've been doing a lot of laundry!

livinginthesticksoutthere Mon 04-Feb-13 10:34:46

I have soooooooo missed the symptoms with my DD2 who is 6. She complained for weeks of having a sore vagina, which went away after 20 minutes or so. I can't tell you how often I had to whip the torch out to have a look. Everything looked honkey dorey. She'd feel better when I put some sudocreme on it. Never any issues or belly ache during the day. Only at the weekend did I saw the first worm crawling out. I am so grossed out, I cleaned nonstop the following day from 10 in the morning until 2 at night (mainly my 18 year old daughters' room) and continued for another few hours the next day. I have an 18 year old, whose room is a health hazard with half of her clothes permanently living on the floor. I treated all of us with Vermox, my DH initially refused until he saw the look in my face. I have a large number of black binliners with 18 year olds clothing waiting to be washed, I am washing all the duvets (thankful for a big washing machine) and every scrap of clothing that was out at the time. I march my DD2 to the bathroom in the morning to have a shower before breakfast. We traditionally did the evening bath. My hands are chapped. I went through a litre of bleach and a full container of "kills mostly everything on contact" stuff.
We had a mouse in the house a few months ago, and you'd think I went mad then with the cleaning. When I read about the eggs floating in the air, that made me want to just move out of the house and leave forever. Having a cup of brew before tackling wash #16. Only another 10 to go...

MrsFlorrick Wed 15-Jan-14 18:01:50

Worms everywhere!!!!

We've got them too!!

Everyone had their worming tablet last night and the house has been scrubbed and hoovered.

Laundry on high temp and machine has been going ten to the dozen today.

Worm o Rama!!!!

Scary thought..... Do we all know each other?? shock (Looks around nervously). wink

Is there a "worm season"??

Aheeps121 Tue 21-Feb-17 22:14:00

What's the best medicine to use for it?

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