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Just want it to go away!

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Jakeyblueblue Fri 19-Oct-12 02:00:02

Sorry to sound completely over dramatic when I know that there's mums on here with real health issues but its the middle of the night and I just need to have a rant!
Ds 15 months came down with this terrible stomach bug on Monday am and since then we've all had it. I can honestly say I have never felt so ill in all my life. At one point I was feeding ds whist puking into a bowl as it was the only was to settle him or keep him hydrated. It's been truly awful.
Its now coming towards the end of the week and although ds had his first day of keeping down three meals today, he's still got the runs and it's really worrying and upsetting me. Me and dh still feel terrible too and I've had to take the whole week off work. I can't seem to get a grip of the mounds of washing that's been left as its been wet outside. I've just found out that the in laws have now got it as they came to bring us supplies. I'm mortified too because I'm a nurse and the from the first time ds puked I was fastidious about the infection control. Was even washing my hands and every surface imaginable with neat bleach! Now I feel like my house is filthy and that's upsetting me too...... Aarghhhhhhh the list goes on!
I really thought this would all blow over in 48 hrs and now it's 2am and im laid here awake mithering that ds is going to be sick again as he's already had the runs since we came to bed and I can hear his little belly churning!
Any words of advice or support? Or a good kick up the arse! It's just this bloody bug has caused total misery and havoc to my little family and I just want it gone!
Sorry in advance, just needed a rant!

Jaffacakeeater Fri 19-Oct-12 03:15:11

Sorry no advice but lots of sympathy. I'm still awake puking my guts out. I've been sobbing in the spare room, I feel so ill. DCs have all suffered to varying degrees and like you I'm fastidious about hand washing and cleaning etc.

Lets both cry and remember it will end one day!

ripsishere Fri 19-Oct-12 03:30:01

Rather than trying to BF him while you puke, could you express some and give it to him in a bottle or cup?
Remember, it will pass. On day you'll look back on this and laugh.
Hopefully that day will come soon.

Jaffacakeeater Fri 19-Oct-12 08:49:20

Hope you're all feeling a bit better, OP. everything seems so much worse at 2am. This virus is hideous. Hope your little DS was ok.

Jakeyblueblue Fri 19-Oct-12 09:12:50

Thanks everyone, ds was ok in the end, you're right, everything's so much worse at 2am! Hopefully today will be a diarrhoea and vomit free day and it looks like the suns shining so I might get some washing dry!
Hope you are ok too Jaffa. smile

devilinside Sun 21-Oct-12 10:23:40

The first one is always the worst, and worst for the parents too as you are often lacking immunity (unless you work with children)

I can remember an entire christmas being ruined a few years ago with a similar situation, and DD still managed to pass the bug onto in-laws, despite us cancelling Christmas. She was still contagious 2 weeks after catching it!

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