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General/herbalistic/homeopathic stuff for wheezy child

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egolito Mon 21-Jan-13 17:54:39

Sorry to come into this thread so late but i have a wheezy child and have used homeopathy though I was sceptic to begin with.
My DG is now 24 months old, at 20 months he has a sever episode of wheeziness, hospital, IV saubetamol and steoirds. Since then 5 Hospital admissions, discharged with ten puffs every four hours and Prednisilone. Since October he is been put on 400 m of Beclomethasone (brown inhaler) daily (two morning two evening).
I got really tired of the whole ordear of A & E, pediatritian, respiratory specilists and more. All giving him high doses of inhalers (meaning 10 puffs every fifteen minutes whilst in A & E), tyring Singulair monteculast and all the other strong medicines for asthma that caused my child to be very upset and needy.
I finally had a long appointment with a homeopath that prescribed a one off does of Pulsatilla 200. His breathing did improve in general and (touch wood) we have had no colds for a month and a half.
Yesterday he started with a cold and I am keeping an eye but really would say that under my circumstances, homeopathy has been a great support in these last month and a half.
I hope this helps another mother, I know how distressing this is.

Trills Sun 21-Oct-12 22:45:12

Do you want herbal or homeopathic? They are very different.

Homeopathy - take something that would normally cause the symptoms you are trying to cure. Dilute until there is no active ingredient left. Sell resulting "magic water".

Herbal actual ingredients. May or may not work. May or may not interfere with other medicine.

narmada Sun 21-Oct-12 22:44:10

Actually, just reading viperade's post.... yes, if the doc has diagnosed some form of asthma and you are confident in the doctor, then take the prescribed stuff.

There have been numerous posts on here from people who were homeopathically 'treated' for asthma in childhood, missed out on meds that could actually have been effective, and sustained long-term damage as a result.

narmada Sun 21-Oct-12 22:41:48

Little children have coughs regularly. Honestly, it's normal. Wheezing possibly less so but viruses can make some children wheeze (so-called viral wheeze).

Is there any family history of allergy? Some common culprits are milk and soya products; dust mites; moulds.

Re homeopath, erm, I wouldn't personally. All they are offering you is a sugar and water pill. If it works, then it's either because the child was going to get better anyway or because of the placebo effect.

Herbalism is different and might do something but I think you should consult a properly qualified and regulated herbalist if you go down that route.

Viperidae Thu 18-Oct-12 22:29:08

Definitely not echinacea, it is only suitable for very short term use and evidence for it is imo patchy. Does he have an all-round vitamin supplement? Just as a bit of insurance.

As one who is still similarly wheezy in my 50s I sympathise. I'm sure you know but using the asthma meds regularly as directed is really important. I have some lung damage from not having proper treatment when I was younger.

Leafmould Thu 18-Oct-12 22:25:25

I second that. Had fantastic treatment from an experienced homeopath for my dd's respiratory problems.

Muminmamma Thu 18-Oct-12 22:22:08

I recommend you take him to a homeopath, ideally one experienced in prescribing for children. My son suffered from repeated ear infections (green pus streaming out of the ear kind of thing) and we were given antibiotics repeatedly which didn't seem to really cure anything. Went to see an excellent homeopath, had two treatments, and he hasn't had an ear infection since. Somehow it seemed to resolve the underlying condition. Sounds like your son is suffering from a similar underlying issue that is not really resolved.

Best of luck!

Outofnappies Thu 18-Oct-12 13:15:34

Just wondering what wisdom might be out there in the MN ether! My 4 yr old DS is prone, particularly at the moment, to a cough, runny nose and wheeziness. Always starts with a dry cough, then runny nose then finally cough gets "wet" and his breathing gets wheezy. He started school in September and since then has had this same thing 3 times. I've twice gone to doctor with him, we got given asthma treatment and an inhalation treatment as well as cough medicine and nose drops...all ok as cures, but can any of you suggest what I might be able to give him all the time so as to boost him up a bit - echinacea? an overnight humidifier? - It always takes him several days to get better and then a week later I hear the cough again.... then we have 1 or 2 terrible nights of coughing, even with the cough medicine, I feel so sorry for him, and it takes its toll on us at night too. Any tips gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

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