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Rash but nothing else!

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butisthismyname Wed 17-Oct-12 21:42:40

DD12 has a horrible itchy, sunburn like rash on his legs, arms, tummy, bum and part of his back sad We took him to the docs yesterday and she ruled out anything 'sinister' and told him to take piriton which he has been since then. It's just geting worse though - and itchier. Poor lad is really fed up. he has no other symptoms whatsoever, is eating fine and feels perfectly well, We've racked our brains for differnt foods he could have eaten/washing powder etc and just have no idea. I will take him back if it's still the same tomorrow but has anyone got any idea at all???

BeaWheesht Wed 17-Oct-12 23:12:30

Try the pharmacy rather than trying to get a Gp appointment.

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