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Is this normal for a stomach bug? Please help!!

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Jakeyblueblue Tue 16-Oct-12 18:49:47

Ds is 15 months and started vomiting at half 7 yesterday am, he was sick repeatedly until lunchtime then it seemed to settle. He had two minor bouts of the runs too. I took him to the drs late pm as last time he was vomiting it was his ears. Dr said just a bug, gave him diarolyte and said he should feel better today. When I got home he seemed hungry and as he'd kept breast milk down all pm, I tried him with a bit of yog. Sadly that all came back! He then slept well, fed throughout the night and kept it down, but had a terrible bout of yellow diarreoah when he woke. I still wasn't too worried as I assumed it was all just passing through. Today he's been very quiet and slept a lot, he seems in quite good spirits and tries to play in between but I can tell he's feeling weak. He's asked for bf about every hour and I've let him feed on demand ( bit of a shock to the boobs after just am and pm feeding!) he's also had a bit of squash but refused all food. Anyway, was just on the phone to my mum telling her how I thought he'd turned a corner and how he'd not been sick since last night and he threw up again!!! Just milk and not a huge amount, he then had another bout of the runs, this time yellow watery.
Is this normal, it should go on this long? Do I need to take him back to the dr? Would you be worried about this vomiting again this pm? He's a bit clingy and looks pale this evening but ok in himself. Trying to play and wanting more milk. Sorry for asking ridiculous questions but he's my first and everytime I've had something similar its only lasted 24hrs!
Thanks in advance.

cravingcake Tue 16-Oct-12 22:48:23

No idea if normal or not but my DS (12 months old next week) has had this too with the vomiting. He's been sick (proper projectile sort of stuff not just a bit of a sicky burp iykwim) at least once everyday since thursday last week so 6 days so far. But he is his normal self, albeit a bit quieter & slightly paler than normal but is happy to eat and drink (we're formula fed).

I posted on saturday as i was getting worried but have seen there is a lot of this going around. I have spoken to my dr a few times and as long as they have wet nappies and they dont get worse they dont seem to have any other advice than offer small amounts of food and drink little & often. Very frustrating and worrying at times.

I hope someone comes along that may actually be able to help but just wanted you to know you are not along.

When DC gets a bug she is usually sick for 4-5 days at the same time each evening, about 10pm. Apparently it's not abnormal, also dairy can aggravate a sore tummy although dc is dairy free now.

At that age I remember also returning to on demand and that being the inky thing she would tolerate

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