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Migraines & Pizotifen

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lulabelle Tue 16-Oct-12 13:58:15

DS1 (11yo) has recently been prescribed Pizotifen for migraines. The only info I can find on here relates to weight gain, I haven't noticed a change in his appetite but he does seem like he's on another planet!
He doesn't seem tired as such but he can't remember things and even his teacher has said he seems dis-engaged.
I'm going to take him back to GP but just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar?

piglettsmummy Tue 16-Oct-12 20:27:36

I suffered from migraines bad as a hold and was out in pizotifen. It's the kindest medication to go on believe me ive been on others and there horrible! Does he get any aura symptoms with his migraines? I'd often get confused /disorientated as a child due to them?? But i doubt it's his medication x

lulabelle Mon 22-Oct-12 21:58:49

Thanks piglettsmummy, the last migraine he had before going on the meds, he explained what I knew was the aura. I'm a sufferer myself so recognised what was going on with him. I'm starting to think he is just really worn out, its a long term and he plays a LOT of football!! We are going on holiday this weekend and he is already panicking about the travelling/flight incase he gets a migraine but ((touching wood)) he hasn't had a migraine since taking the Pitozifen. We haven't identified a trigger but GP seems to think we never will as it takes more than one factor and they could be different each time.
I really feel for him because they are so debilitating and I used to worry as a child x

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