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2 year old daughter swallowed a 50p coin !!!

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kaylie1208 Tue 16-Oct-12 11:33:03

Been on a right rollercoaster ride over the last 10 days... YES.. 10 DAYS!

On saturday 6th October, DD swallowed a coin at about 8am. (at this point I had no idea which size coin. Rang NHS direct who advised to go straight to A&E just to be safe in case it got stuck..

Got there, had an xray and saw that it was stuck in the oesophagus so they told us to go home, eat a diet with foods no thicker than yoghurt and come back on the sunday for a repeat xray to check it became dislodged.
Next day (sunday) had the repeat xray where it showed that it had passed to the stomach. They sent us home with the guidelines: if she has any pain or sickness then bring her back'
She was then sick twice on monday night and tuesday evening she seemed in quite a lot of pain and her stomach was bloated so I took her back as advised.

They done another xray which showed it had passed to her SMALL intestine but they wanted to observe her overnight to check she wasnt in anymore pain or was sick anymore. She wasn't so they discharged her on wednesday morning and I was told to call back in 3 days if it still hadn't passed.

Waited 4 days (until sunday) and was told by a paediatrician that there is nothing wrong, it WILL pass but he couldn't put a time limit on it.

So now 10 days has passed i'm left to wait and see, and every day i'm getting more and more nervous. She's in no pain, no bloating, she did say she 'felt' sick this morning but no physical vomitting. And the weirdest thing of all is that she's going for a 'number 2' twice a day completely normally - no constipation or anything :S
I know that's a good thing but WHERE'S THE COIN?!

I definitely haven't missed it as i'm so worried, i've been double checking through her nappies.

Has anyone had anything similar happen and when should I start to REALLY worry?


JammySplodger Tue 16-Oct-12 11:57:13

Oh my goodness! Poor DD and poor you, that sounds like alot of worry.

It's exactly the sort of thing I can imagine my 2 yo DS doing as he loves raiding my purse if he gets the chance (which is going to be even rarer following your post).

I have absolutely no idea what to advise I'm afraid, but hope it passes soon.

AbbyLou Wed 17-Oct-12 21:21:27

I totally sympathise. My dd 5- yes 5! - swallowed a 10p and a 2p on Sunday. She couldn't even drink sips of water without gagging and being violently sick so they told us to go to A&E. She was in a lot of pain and could feel it stuck in her throat. After an x-ray we could see they were wedged in her oesophagus with only a tiny gap around them. It was terrifying to see and I can't stop thinking about what could have happened if they had gone down her windpipe. She had to go to theatre and had a GA to have them removed. We spent a night in hopsital and I am hoping she has well and truly learnt her lesson!
I hope your dd manages to pass the coin soon, it's certainly hanging around isn't it?

5ThingsUnderTheBed Wed 17-Oct-12 21:25:18

Your poor dd, how worrying for you all.

Call your gp in the morning or go back to A&E and insist on another X-ray.

5madthings Wed 17-Oct-12 21:40:04

oh no! they do like to scare us! my 6yr old ds3 swallowed a magnet the other summer! he wasnt sure if he had swallowed one or two so he had to be x rayed once they were happy it was just the ONE magnet they let us go home and said it would come out, i have to say i did NOT check his poo! obviously magnets can be very dangerous so we were lucky it was just the one!

i would take her back for a check up and maybe see if they can give her something to help it pass?

kaylie1208 Thu 18-Oct-12 17:27:29

The thing is, she's already has 3 xrays in the last 2 weeks and thats more than some people have in a lifetime! So they said they're not going to allow another one. I asked about maybe an ultrasound but they said it wouldn't detect it :/

She's already on Lactulose (laxatives) 5madthings so not much else they can do.. they seem to giving me every excuses/waiting time under the sun.. I rang A&E back today and spoke to a paediatrician again who said we need to wait another WEEK.. yes WEEK before ringing back/worrying again. (Bear in mind it's already been 12 days...)

rubyrubyruby Thu 18-Oct-12 17:30:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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