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Pain in left armpit in ill 5 yr old?

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Thirstysomething Tue 16-Oct-12 05:38:56

Hi, we have all had this bug with high temperatures, earache etc in the last few days. Have been to doc with other children (one a baby, the other burst eardrum) and now dc1 has got it. Reluctant to go to doc again selfishly ( we live middle nowhere, will have to take all 3 to overcrowded surgery) but she has been complaining since v early morning of usual headache (she has temperature) and now a pain in her left armpit.
Her heart feels like it is going a million beats a second, but it always gets like that when she is ill.
I am sure I will end up taking her to doc, better safe than sorry etc, but has anyone else heard of this pain in armpit in a child? Thanks

MrsSnaplegs Tue 16-Oct-12 05:42:45

There are lymph nodes under your armpits as well as groin and under chin area which may get inflamed when fighting infection
However the only time mine have ever been painful is when I had glandular fever
I would recommend GP - sorry sad

MackerelOfFact Tue 16-Oct-12 05:43:38

It's probably a lymph node in her armpit, it's normal for them to be swollen and tender if you're fighting a fever or infection. By all means take her to the doc if you're worried though.

Thirstysomething Tue 16-Oct-12 13:53:50

Thanks, she hasn't mentioned it again - 6am paranoia?!

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