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Post-tummy-bug poo....apologies to the faint-hearted....

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misspollysdolly Sun 14-Oct-12 14:07:35

DD (12 months) vomited from 10pm on Tuesday night until midday on Wednesday. She then had two days of pretty much just breastmilk. Nappies kicked in about midday on Thursday and were (understandably) like newborn bf nappies - yellow, liquid, curdy. This I put down to just bf-ing her through the virus - she does not appear to have actually had any diarrhoea at all. Both DSs have also had this bug and it appears to only have been a 'top-end' virus - no bum end involvement at all. Since reintroducing a relatively normal amount of food (the last 48hours) her poos have been fairly hit and miss but she has just done a MASSIVE nappy of what can only be described as Coronation Chicken-esque shock, stinking of cheese (BOAK!) and huge - from her armpits to her knees! Soft and unformed but still not at all diarrhoea. I'm asking mostly whether this is cause not to send her to her childminder tomorrow - of she does another like this tomorrow for the CM I reckon she will freak and call me to collect her. Is this the usual state of 'bottom-end' affairs after a vomiting bug...? Don't have very pukey DCs so am on uncertain territory here.... Thanks in advance, MPD

ladydayblues Sun 14-Oct-12 14:32:44

Umm this is based on my experience I am not a medical expert but my once a nurse grandmother saved my pukey diarhoea child with these simple methods an my GP said she had done the right thing.

If it smells really really rank then its definately a bug.

First of all you have to do two things. Be ruthless with hygene. Wash your hands with good old soap throughly every time you change nappies and wipe down the changing area. This includes the taps on sinks etc. Every time means every time. These bugs can travel fast. YOU dont want to pick it up and you dont want anyone else around to either. If anyone else handles your child they need to wash their hands throughly too.

Second thing is to watch for dehydration on your DD. Keep offering plain boiled cooled water and or diralyte which has the salt/sugar comby to replace any natural losses.

Most GP actually say dont give any food for 24 hours so that the bug can pass through then just dry food like a water cracker that can bind the instestinal tract.

Your CM may be reluctant to take your child. I would call her and discuss.

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