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Discoloured gum when waiting for an adult tooth ...

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TigersChick Sun 14-Oct-12 07:51:14

DD is 6 and is going through the usual teeth falling out and being replaced thing. She has got 3 adult teeth and has recently lost 2 more.

She has, however, one tooth that is a bit different. Her top front tooth on the left was knocked out when she fell over at 11 months so the gum has hardened as there hasn't been a tooth there for five and a half years. Now that the adult tooth is thinking about coming through, the gum has gone quite grey. It looks like it might be bruising but she says that it doesn't hurt. We are not due back at the dentist until February but I'm wondering whether to make an appointment sooner than that ... anyone got any experience of something like this?


bonzo77 Sun 14-Oct-12 08:01:15

Hard to tell without seeing it. Could be an eruption cyst ( normal, harmless, needs no treatment, will go by itself).

mankyscotslass Sun 14-Oct-12 08:30:56

DS is 6, he lost his two front top teeth in an accident before his second birthday.

The adult ones are coming through now, the gum went white and now looks a bit opaque/purple in colour. The dentist had warned me that they will take longer to come through because of the build up of scar tissue, so I am not overly worried.

If I was worried about it though, I would make an appointment with the dentist to set my mind at rest.

TigersChick Sun 14-Oct-12 10:59:37

Thanks both.
mankyscotslass - that sounds exactly like it! Think I'll hang fire for now as it isn't causing her discomfort.


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